At 7000 ft Above The Sea Level, This Eco Resort in Himachal PradeshLets You Stay Inside Domes & Cottages Made From Deodar Wood!


With the coronavirus outbreak, we know that travel is out of the question. Staying indoors avoiding all social contact is all we can do right now. And for all the travel addicts out there, maybe it’s a good time to update your bucket list, right? So, all the wanderlust buddies, we found this beautiful resort in Himachal Pradesh, Carnoustie Himalayan Resort, which has a sparkling river flowing through its cottage and you can stay inside wooden domes (yes actual domes). Keep on reading to know more about this place.

All About Carnoustie Himalayan Resort

Located 7,000 feet above sea level, in village Kanera, in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, Carnoustie Himalayan eco-resort offers an affordable and comfortable stay. This resort is the perfect getaway for those who are looking for an offbeat getaway. 

This eco-resort is surrounded by deodar trees that lead up to Churdhar Peak, which is an approximately 6-hour hike from the resort. So, if you brave enough like us to face the chilly winds, then go ahead and enjoy trekking.

Two Kinds of Stay

A cover of Deodar trees surrounds the entire space, scenic views of the snap-capped Churdhaar peak, short treks and the Giri River close enough where you can dip your feet in and just hangout. 

You must be thinking, what’s the USP? The Carnoustie Himalayan Resort lets you stay in domes and cottages made with deodar wood. The domes come with cosy interiors and attached washrooms. The spacious dome-style rooms have light streaming through their large windows. The interior of domes has the fragrance of deodar wood that soothes the nerves. All the cottages are airy with deodar ceilings and view of the Giri stream, which makes it one of the most memorable experience.  

Activities To Explore

Oh yes, you can enjoy the delicious homely prepared organic food. If you are into exploring then, these spectacular locations allow catering to all. Do you do camping? Yes, they can arrange for that, or you could also join a yoga and meditation class! Also, they can organise walks and treks to nearby landmarks that will enrich your vacation experience more. 

We would suggest you start packing and make your reservations because this place is vacation goals! 

Where: Village Kanera (P.O-Toproli), Tehsil: Rajgarh, District: Sirmour, Ber Jamoli, Himachal Pradesh

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