People, Try These Adult Colouring Books to Soothe Your Mind While You Self-Quarantine at Home


We all are living in the trying times, there’s no denying that. The outbreak of Coronavirus has become a global pandemic and we all need to wait it out while we self quarantine at home and practice social distancing. But how much Netflix can one do after all, right? If you are looking to explore other options to calm your mind then you must check out adult colouring books.

We’re sure you know about these colouring books which are meant for adults like us and have a calming effect. So, we have handpicked some of the best adult colouring books that will help you with some motivation and relaxation. All of these listed colouring books are available on Amazon.

1. The Sita Coloring Book By Devdutt Pattanaik

Based on Devdutt Pattanaik’s bestselling retellings of Ramayana, the Sita colouring book will take you back to the time when your grandparents used to narrate mythological tales. Rediscover some of the dramatic moments of the great Indian epic, from Ram’s breaking the great bow to Sita’s trial by fire. It’s time to relive the drama of the greatest stories you have ever heard! 

2. The Big Book Of Mandalas

If you are a fan of patterns more than figures, then The Big Book Of Mandalas should be your pick. Mandala art is considered both symbolic and therapeutic for inner peace and inspiration! With over 200 pages full of Mandala designs, this colouring book is worth every penny as you start colouring each mandala, your focus shifts allowing you to relax your mind and soulfully. Each of the design will encourage you to express yourself and will help you create your unique palette. This is our pick, what about you? 

3. HBO’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book

This one is for all those who are an ardent fan of HBO’s series Game of Thrones! It’s time to immerse yourself in the world of Game of Thrones through this intricately illustrated colouring book. Telling a story through its pages, complete the portraits of your favourite characters and experience the dramatic landscapes of the Seven Kingdoms. HBO’s Game of Thrones Colouring Book is a beautiful way to get your thinking caps on and pen caps off.

4. Birds of Paradise: A Therapeutic Coloring Book for Adults

Fly away from your stress and worries of everyday life and lose yourself in the world of colours. With over 50-hand drawn illustrations of bird patters, motifs and intricate birdlife scenes, these gorgeous designs will help you to release your inner creativity. The Birds of Paradise will help you to switch off from the world for a while and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of colouring! 

5. It Is Well With My Soul Adult Coloring Book

If you are way too exhausted from the work pressure, It Is Well With My Soul is the right colouring book for you. As you colour through the pages of this beautiful colouring book, you will find peace in your mind. Garden images filled with butterflies, blooming flowers and birds are blank, and you will be thrilled to colour your way. Not just that, the illustrations are accompanied by words from the inspiration hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”. Go and grab your’s RN! 

6. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure 

Called Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure, we are totally in love with Johanna Basford’s intricate doodling. The colouring book will take you through a magical journey beneath the waves. The drawings imitate lush forests, vibrant oceans, green spaces, exotic fish, curious octopuses and more. It’s time to grab those coloured pens and start colouring those tiny fishes jumping in the ocean! 

7. The Magical City

We are totally in love with this magical colouring book by award-winning illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen. It’s all about exploring the hidden magic of cities. Trust us; you can keep on colouring in between the lines and forget the time fully. From London to Luxor, look up at skyscrapers soaring to the skies, and gaze over the dreaming rooftops. As you colour, you will come across some of the hidden details in every page of this book.

8. Shakuntala And Her Magic Box: A Madhubani Themed Pull-Out & Frame Colouring Book

It’s a beautiful amalgamation of the age-old art form of Madhubani paintings and popular culture. The brainchild of Subhadra Kalyanaraman, the colouring book revolves around a girl named Shakuntala and her love for music. The colouring book contains 16 artworks followed by two pages of story panels. Not just that, the book’s layout can be pulled out as a frame! 

9. Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden

Bringing the romance of Mughal gardens alive, Bagh-e-Bahar will take you on a journey. With its trademark combination of Central Asian, Persian and Indian styles, the colouring book narrates the story of these beautiful gardens full of immortal quotes from the Sufi poet, Rumi. Trust us; this delightful book is a classic gift to your yourself as it will de-stress you and will let you explore your inner creative sense. 

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