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7 Work Cafes in Delhi-NCR Where You Can Chill & Work at The Same Time

While a lot of us must have heard of the co-working spaces which have sprung up in Delhi-NCR, there are also a...

5 Quirky Offices Spaces in Delhi-NCR So Cool That You’d Want to Work Here!

How many of us love waking up in the morning and heading straight to our workspaces? Come on now, be honest! Having a good...

5 Dilli Wallas Who Never Stopped Dreaming And Made it Big in Their Unique Careers!

When it comes to making a career in Bollywood, Mumbai is definitely THE place to be. And it’s precisely why the city has also...

Our Top 5 Quirky and Cool Co-Working Spaces in Delhi-NCR you Should Check out!

By definition, a co-working is a "social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share value and who...

5 Key Behaviors Demonstrated by Good Managers That Lead to Success

What does it take to create a successful organization? Research this topic and the one consistent theme you will come across everywhere is that great talent is essential for building anything noteworthy. However, is it enough to only have smart people who are highly self-motivated onboard. Or is that just one piece of the puzzle that needs to be present on the journey towards creating a lasting enterprise. A ground-breaking research conducted by Nitin Nohria (Harvard Business School), William Joyce (Tuck School Of Business) and Bruce Robertson asked a similar question. Their findings brought to light the fact that companies that outperformed their peers excelled at a finite set of primary and secondary management practices. This winning combination of better management techniques and the recipe of business success is referred to as the "4+2" formula. It states that firms that sustain superior business performance excel at the four primary levers of strategy, execution, culture, and structure.

The Desire To Be Superhuman: Understanding The Superman Syndrome at Workplace

The picture above gives a classic representation of what our lives have become today as we strive to do more and more every day in our desire to become superior and more “super” than the rest. As we progress into the information age and technology becomes more widespread, people tend to be with their work for a major part of the day on weekdays and in some cases even on weekends. “For years, like legions of other professionals, Mr. Obama [...]

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