9 Vegetarian Restaurants In the Capital Which Might Just Convert the Carnivores!

Yes, we get it. The battle of ghaas phoos (read veg food) Vs. chicken & mutton can never get over! More so in the...

To Wed or Not to Wed- Redefining Marriage and the True Meaning of Manglik Dosha Matching

Intelligent observation of the world's societies seems to verify that marriages between a man and a woman, rooted in religious beliefs, are the most likely way to greatest happiness. This statement by Mr. and Mrs. Soter, grandparents of 17 kids and parents of six children including a gay daughter and son is striking, particularly if you hail from North India and have been exposed to various convoluted theories from Hindu Marriage Astrology such as Manglik Dosha, Kal Sarp Yoga and Guna Milap. If Greg and Kate's notion was indeed true then principles of Hindu Marriage Astrology would have been adopted globally leading to happy and peaceful world.

Back On Popular Demand – Nadi Astrology

We have received an overwhelming response to this article and for the first time ever we have decided to reproduce it with answers to some questions and more information. Other article in this series can be viewed at the links below: Nadi Astrology – Opening the leaf to your future List of Nadi Astrology Centers in India Nadi Astrology, The Advanced Chapters – Finding Your Perfect Life Partner Can you believe that someone in Tamil Nadu at Vaithiswarankoil (290 kms [...]

The Real Truth Of Naadi Astrology – Validating The Predictions Six Years Later And Re-Visiting The Experience

Armed with several years of experience and knowledge about the purported science, we sought to conduct a two fold experiment with the goal of understanding the real truth of Nadi Astrology. Do the Nadi leaves truly contain the complete detail of our future? or Is it only an estimation based on insights gleaned from a person's birth chart? Our first experiment involved verifying the future predicted for one of our team members in 2007. To verify the predictions given by the Nadi reader we simply compared the account of events which he described against the reality six years later. The results were not encouraging, the Nadi reader had accurately described the events of the next one or two years although they were referenced to in a vague and general fashion. However, everything that he described beyond two years didn't happen.

Private Delhi Radio Cab Services On The Rise As Youngsters Play It Safe In The Rape Capital

New Delhi, the capital of India for the last 100 years is witnessing a boom in Delhi radio cab services as the young and affluent urban middle class grows in size in a westernized metropolitan city. As per the 2011 India census data, Delhi has an urban population of 16 million people of which at-least 40% are educated youth in age range of 18-35 years. That accounts for close to six million youngsters in the National Capital Region of Delhi making it an extremely lucrative market for anything that is cool, trendy and next-gen. Riding on this growth the past few years have seen a boom in the number of private Delhi radio cab services that have started to operate in the city.

Pinterest Fashion – Users and Trends That Are Defining The New Age Of Style

Even in its current form today, Pinterest is revolutionizing the world of style and is increasingly being used as the chosen platform to showcase new fashion trends. Surely, if you are seeking to learn about what's hip and in-market its easier to view the creations rather than read about them. Scientifically speaking as well, our brains are more receptive to remembering things that we see as proved by the Dale’s Cone of Experience model. This suggests that if Pinterest is able to succeed in expanding globally it can easily become a search alternative to Google. Similar to how Twitter is now the place to search for real-time trends and LinkedIn for looking up people.

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