Adults Need Pauses too! Read More to Know the Health Benefits of Playing for Adults


Society and its rules teach us that our job should be the defining quality of our personalities. Under the weight of living, people struggle to stay sane while scoring at work.

Living at the speed of light often takes its toll on our kind. We get overwhelmed and in turn easily irritated by everyone and everything.

Taking the edge off is not just a phrase. We need it to survive.

Here are the top 5 health benefits playing has on adults.

Playing Keeps You Young

Recently, the BBC published a feature on why both adults and children should play. In it, the author asserts that staying active throughout our lifetimes maintains liveliness and high energy levels.

Playing aids eradiating feel-good hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These neurotransmitters, alongside endorphins, are known to modulate mood and cognitive functions.

Consequently, humans feel relieved and carefree whilst and after playing. It could be a sport, running or a fun activity with friends. Either way, being active positively influences our mood and lowers anxiety levels.

Want to Rid of Stress? Play!

Speaking of anxiety, playing is the number one cure for it. Focusing on an activity forces our mind to concentrate on that task. Thus our minds cannot wonder to meet those worrisome thoughts that rule our brains otherwise.

Other than concentration, games stimulate a reality which is more relaxing than the one we’re living in. Hence we are even more drawn to this new universe of pure, light-hearted fun.

Playing also increases alertness and lets our minds unwind. With the absence of any pressure, our brains get more creative and motivated. Play might even incentivise us to be artistic.

Gaming Maintains Our Mental Health

Remember when in The Shining Jack Nicholson’s character went berserk due to being trapped within four walls. Work was all he was allowed to think about. In turn, his mental health suffered and he turned into the worst version of himself.

Whilst most people aren’t janitors at luxurious hotels in the hills, we all have something in common with Jack Torrance.

The need to have fun is in the foundation of human nature. Some prefer to have company; others are lone riders. Find your favourite game and have at it. If you need a solo game to check out, we’d recommend different casino games that you can play on your own at the best online casino sites in India. Plus, the virtual portfolio is diverse, at your disposal 24/7 and playable on your smartphone.

All work and no play… you know the drill.

Sit Back, Regenerate and Return Refreshed

It’s vital that you keep your inner child alive and kicking no matter how old you are. When we’re playing, chemicals in our bloodstream work their magic and make us feel youthful.

Playing can thus help us regenerate after a stressful day.

Incorporating gaming in any form into our routine does wonder for our mental state. If you add playtime to your daily schedule after work, you’ll be adding an appointment for yourself only. Make sure it’s an activity that interests and relaxes you.

However, do not engage in a tense, uncomfortable activity or sport just because it’s healthy or recommended. Find a game that you connect with and revel in. That’s the best way to play and feel invigorated afterwards.

Playing Together Strengthens Relationships

No luxurious hotel or extravagant interior design could ever step in for the great outdoors. Grab your partner by the hand and plan a picnic together.

Having fun with your romantic partner has shown to improve your relationship. Sharing common interests and enjoying a single activity together brings you closer. Playfulness also builds intimacy and can form a long-lasting relationship.

It seems that all scientific facts speak in favour of playing, even if you’re a grown-up. In fact, grown-ups might need playtime even more than children, for sometimes we forget about it.


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