Follow These 8 Motivational & Inspiring Instagram Accounts That Are All About Positivity & Self-Empowerment


A lot of us spend our day browsing through Instagram and end up finding endless memes or some motivational posts to keep us going. Thousands of motivational quotes are published every day on social media, we have curated a list of a few inspirational and motivational Instagram accounts that you may like to follow.

1. Jay Shetty

A popular name on Instagram, Jay Shetty is known for his wise sayings and videos. The former monk has been sharing his insights on the productivity and lessons he learned as a monk. His vision is to make wisdom go viral in an accessible, relevant, and practical way.

2. Tom Bilyeu

Co-founder of brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu has been winning the hearts of many through his daily Instagram uploads. Indeed, achieving success ain’t easy, Tomy teaches you how to create a life that you have dreamt of. Also, in his show, Impact Theory, he aims to provide the secret of success by exploring the minds of all the world’s highest achievers. Isn’t something to learn?

3. Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray and Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert shares original musings and mantras often in her handwriting, making it feel authentic and extra personal on her Insta feed. Her posts and talks will help you to reconnect with your inner self and find the peace that you have been looking for. So, what are your thoughts?

4. 6 AM Success

This Instagram handle is an ultimate source for daily entrepreneurial inspiration. 6 AM Sucess objective is to wake you, shake up, and transfer you to the world of inspiration to turn your dreams into reality now. Each of the posts delivered is communicated directly to the audience and will fill you up with a heightened spirit for sure.

5. Lewis Howes

Done with scrolling through motivational quotes? It’s time to follow Lewis Howes as he will mentor you to achieve a better self. Lewis teaches people how to pursue their dreams while making a positive impact in their lives, isn’t it something you are looking forward to? Every single post aims to bring motivation and encouragement to the followers and help them to believe in themselves.

6. Amber Lilyestrom

One of the best businesswoman Instagrammers, Amber Liyestrom, is a branding strategist, a business coach, an author, and a podcaster. Her Instagram feed is all about empowering and inspiring women to turn their entrepreneurial dream into reality. Trust us, Amber Liyerstrom’s Instagram accounts are best to follow for female entrepreneurs.

7. Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams, a leader, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is inspiring the millennials to create the lifestyles they have always dreamt of. Gerard posts are inspiring, honest, and speak about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you are feeling lost or having anxiety issues, Gerard Adams posts and speeches will motivate you for sure.

8. Dan Lok

The multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Dan Lok, is the founder of Closers and is also a TEDx speaker who speaks boldly about his thoughts and views. And when it comes to entrepreneurial inspiration, no one can beat him. His Instagram feed is the best source for entrepreneurial inspiration as it is filled with business tips, tricks, and success mantras. So, follow him for all the skills and tips.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/lewishowes)


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