Delhi Planet Weekends – 5 Places Where The Party Never Stops

What one event happens when any of these events take place? A Birthday, entering a new house, passing an examination, getting a better job, getting a promotion, getting married, new year's eve. The answer is PARTY, and just like any other human activity, a party too needs to be held at the right place and should have

Amsterdam – A City Which Smells of Freedom

The Amsterdam City Travelogue, Brought To You By DelhiPlanet Travel Country: Capital Of Netherlands, pronounced as Nederland in Dutch. National Carrier: KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines Local Language: Dutch Time Zone: Like the UK the Netherlands operates a winter and summer time. In the winter it is 1 hour ahead of GMT(i.e 4.5 hours behind IST) and in the summer it is 2 hours ahead (i.e 3.5 hours behind IST) Best Time To Visit: Well for this city anytime is the [...]"

DP Travel: The Entrance To The Land Of Freedom, Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam

Amsterdam XXX, one of the very few cities in the world where one can experience true freedom. Nothing here is banned or illegal be...

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