Challenge Your Friends with These 7 Best Quiz Games Apps


Most of us love games and it can be one of the best things to keep us entertained and engaged during these times. If you are done with challenging your friends in Ludo, UNO, carrom or casino games (click here), how about a game of mind? Yes, test them in quiz games while stimulating your own brain and getting something to learn about. We have listed out the best quiz games app which you can easily download and play. 

1. QuizUp

Image Source: New York Magazine

This is our personal favourite and is an addictive trivia game. You can choose the topic of your interest and can even create your quizzes. Whether it’s movies, sports, education, general knowledge, you can select the topic and challenge your friends or even strangers to battle. And once you win, you will earn badges to flaunt. 

Available: iOS And Android

2. Loco

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It’s a live trivia game where you can win money. Current affairs, history, politics, geography, the app covers a wide range of topics to choose from. The game has ten questions that need to be answered, and then you will. So, if you have an interest in sports like crickets, football or tennis, you can even predict the match results. Interested? Download now.

Available: iOS And Android

3. Popcorn Trivia

Image Source: Google Play

All the movie buffs, Popcorn Trivia, is something that can be of interest. This quiz app tests your knowledge about movies with exciting questions related to characters, storylines and movie plots. If you and are friends share some movie likings, then Popcorn Trivia is something you should challenge them. 

Available: iOS And Android

4. Logo Quiz

Image Source: Google Play

Are you a brand savant, if yes then challenge yourself in a game of Logo Quiz. Millions of logos from all popular brands have complied all over the world, and you will have to guess them. Well, don’t get fooled as the initial stages are easy to handle. Logo Quiz is the perfect way to stimulate your memory and learn something different. 

Available: iOS And Android

5. Brainbaazi

Image Source: Gadgets Now

One can play trivia quiz game show, bingo game and guess all answers with millions of other users to earn money online while enhancing your knowledge. You can play quiz, bingo and earn money. The game isn’t about money, but it’s more fun to play with your friends. If you haven’t tried it, make the most of this time and download Brainbaazi. 

Available: iOS And Android

6. Emoji Quiz

Image Source: Youtube

With over 1200 puzzles, Emoji Quiz tests your guessing skills to solve the Emoji puzzle. One will be shown a series of Emojis where you have to guess what does the Emojis represent. So, challenge your friends to see if they can solve the most puzzles. Once you are done with the challenge, on the scoreboard, you can compare your ranking with friends. 

Available: iOS And Android

7. Pictoword

Image Source: Google Play

As the name suggests, Pictoword lets you play around with words and pictures. It displays you with two images, and you have to guess a word by combing the two pictures. So, this game will test your vocabulary skills and will boost your creative senses. One can choose from themes like animals, superheroes, movies and more. 

Available: iOS And Android

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