With Great Food & Paintings on Display From Over 80 + Artists, Here’s Why This Cafe in CP is a Must Visit!


If there’s one thing we are certain about, it’s the fact that our city, Dilli, has a beautiful soul. Be it culture, food, history or arts, our city is the melting pot of all things beautiful! And in case you are a foodie who also happens to be an art enthusiast, then our friend, you are in for a treat! You must check out this riveting cafe, The Art House Cafe in the heart of Delhi, which has an intriguing art gallery along with the cafe. All the art and food lovers should rejoice as this sounds like a fantastic place to visit. You can admire the colourful paintings while hogging on to your favourite dishes. Or you can even enjoy the quiet corners with a good book. Scroll down to know more about this fantastic place in Connaught Place.

Beautiful Paintings To Look At

Located in the hearts of the city, The Art House Cafe is a gorgeous eatery and doubles up as an art gallery. Artists from across the country have showcased their incredible works. The ambience showcases artwork curated from 50 Indian and 37 international artists. The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings that are indeed a sight to behold. With classic decor and it will make you feel as if you have walked into a cafe from the ’80s. Every corner of the cafe is picturesque. So, it’s time to add some to your gram!

Dishes With Quirky Names

While admiring the beauty and the paintings, there are plenty of options for both food vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Art House Cafe whip up some mouth-watering dishes which are quirkily named like Thai Munchy Veg Roll, Art House Spicy Chicken Tikka, Keema Pav, Flying To Heaven (Grilled Chicken Sandwich), Choco Mudpie and much more!

Image Source: Dineout

Wait up, apart from the unique art exhibition cum cafe, The Art House Cafe is a pleasant, friendly bistro cafe with abundant space for you to work. So, come here to find some artistic inspiration and work peacefully. The concept is a bit different from other places, so that next time you are in Connaught Place, you should head here if you are a true blue art lover!

Where: N-35, Ground Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi

(Featured Image Source: Dineout)


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