From a Sleek Hairbun to Headband Braid- Popular Blogger Shalini Samuel Tells us Some Easy Yet Cool Hairstyles to Follow in 2020!


New year, new me is the perfect way to begin 2020. Be it working on your hobbies, better habits, getting fit or changing your look- it’s never too late to start working on a better version of yourself. And who said your hair needs an hour’s worth of styling to look great? We caught with popular hairstyle blogger Shalini Samuel who shared some amazing hairstyles that you can totally rock in 2020. Take notes, girls!

1. Quick Wrapped Ponytail

It is an ideal hairstyle for any occasion because of its simplicity. You can easily nail this wrapped ponytail look at work.

SETP 1: Divide two sections of hair till the back of the ears.
STEP 2: Take the rest into a neat ponytail.
STEP 3: Now take the right section towards the back and cross over from the left and wrap it around the ponytail.
STEP 4: Do the same on the other side.

2. Sleek Hair Bun

Hair buns are always trending! Even if your hair are oily still you can rock at work with this amazing hairdo.

STEP 1: Make a puff on the top as it will add volume on the crown area.
STEP 2: Take the rest neatly into a mid-length ponytail and secure.
STEP 3: Twist the hair well and wrap around forming a bun.
STEP 4: Secure with another rubber band. Pull-on the sides to slightly open it up!

3. Braided Hairstyle

Who doesn’t love braids? You can totally create any braided hairstyle on an everyday basis but this one is the easiest!

STEP 1: Start with a middle parting. Braid a 2-inch section on the side and secure it.
STEP 2: Repeat the same on a section below the top one.
STEP 3: Secure with a tic tac pin begins and cover with some hair.
STEP 4: Repeat the same on the other side.

4. Voluminous Ponytail

The simplest hairstyle that you can easily do in just 3 minutes!

STEP 1: Take a middle parting and comb the hair behind the ear, backcomb some hair on the top and add the bumpit.
STEP 2: Secure well and cover it with some hair.
STEP 3: Twist a small section of hair at the back and secure with a pin.
STEP 4: Take the rest into a ponytail and take some hair around he rubber band so it’s not seen.

5. 2 Strand Headband Braid

This hairstyle is a classic and the easiest way of making a headband braid. It looks boho and can totally be our go-to hairstyle for this season also.

STEP 1: Divide a section of hair at the back and secure the rest away.
STEP 2: Split that into 2 equal halves and do a regular 3 strand braid.
STEP 3: Just cross the braid towards the other side and secure behind the hair.
STEP 4: Release the rest of the hair.

6. Festive Messy Up-do

Updo’s are so classic and chic at the same time! Doing a little messy hairstyle adds up to the look! If you are looking for some hairstyle to style on a bun for any festivity, this one you will love.

STEP 1: Take a side parting till the top of the ear and take the rest into a low ponytail.
STEP 2: Leave a 2-inch section of the ponytail and take the rest into a bun and secure well.
STEP 3: Braid the section and wrap around the ponytail. Braid a section in the front and take it around the bun.
STEP 4: Take random sections, twist and pull on them and take it around the bun and secure well. Finish it off with a hair accessory to add a festive touch!

7. Boho Braid Hairstyle

Are you attending any concert anytime soon? Add this boho hairstyle to your look and trust us you will slay it!

STEP 1: Create a braid on one side of the head.
STEP 2: Add your favourite hair accessory right below it.
STEP 3: Now take small sections of hair and pass it around the headband all the way till the other side.
STEP 4: Make sure to be neat and pull through easily.

8. Faux Fishtail High Ponytail

It is one of the super-duper easy hairstyles. You can use this trick on a side braid, high ponytail and trust us it will rock any occasion or with any outfit.

STEP 1: Make a high ponytail with a puff in the front.
STEP 2: Wrap a small section around the base of the ponytail.
STEP 3: Using a rubber band make a ponytail and then flip the ponytail inwards. Pull-on both the sides to open it up.
STEP 4: Do this one under the other. The number of times you have to do it will depend on the length of your hair.

It’s time to experiment with your hairstyles, girls! Do tell us which hairstyle you loved the most.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/knot_me_pretty)


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