Ladies, Here Are 8 Homegrown Brands Where You Can Find Elegant Sarees to Add to Your Daily Wear Wardrobe!


As kids wearing a saree seemed like an elaborate game of dress-up. And as we grew up, putting on the six yards of elegance became a rather tedious job with our rushed lives. So we have conveniently reserved it for festivals and other special occasions.
However, with the recent evolvement in the fashion industry, we see a lot of the younger girls embracing the traditional attire for daily wear and experimenting with it. Whether it’s wearing a sari with a blazer to work or wearing it with a corset or cropped top, they’re trying it all and we are inspired!
So, if you’re in the same boat, check out these 8 homegrown brands that have got some gorgeous saris that you can add to your daily wear wardrobe and have a little fun experimenting with!

1. Suta

The maker of simple and humble designs, Suta’s collection of sarees is a blend of traditional and contemporary. From Mul Cotton and Mul Khesh to Handloom and Jamdani, there are a variety of fabrics to choose from. They also use ruffles, frills, tassels and baubles to make the age-old sari fit well with today’s modern fashion. You can also check out their collection of beautiful blouses!

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2. Studio Bhang

Image Source: Facebook/Bhang

Studio Bhang combines vibrant colours and striking prints to create gorgeous bespoke sarees that can easily be accommodated in your daily wear wardrobe. Based out of Chennai, this brand has a youthful appeal to its pieces with contemporary and unique designs. From bird and dog paw prints to hashtags and tassels, there is no way you can resist a Studio Bhang saree.

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3. Margazhi Designs

From Khadi to Jamdhani, Margazhi curates monthly edits with limited stock featuring a wide range of cotton saris. In order to maintain exclusivity they only sell five pieces of per design! With beautiful prints in equally gorgeous colours, if you’re a saree lover, you’ve got to have at least one of their designs in your wardrobe!

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4. Sitaara Online

Sitaara is a brand that believes in versatility and minimalism and their collection of contemporary spells exactly that! Featuring soft linen, zari linen, printed cotton and malai silk fabrics, their comfortable and elegant pieces make wearing a saree look super easy and effortless!

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5. Anavila

If you think comfortable, daily wear sarees, you automatically find yourself thinking of Anavila. Rooted in their Indian ethos, the brand has made the linen sari a wardrobe staple for all those who love to drape themselves in the six yards of elegance. The brand is loved by the queen of Bollywood – Kangana Ranaut as well as the fashion queen of Bollywood a.k.a Sonam Kapoor!

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6. Galang Gabaan

Rooted in Indian heritage, Galang Gabaan takes inspiration from the textiles and handicrafts of Odisha to create modern-day must-have sarees in gorgeous prints and beautiful colours! The brand makes fuss-free linen sarees with love, which is exactly what the name of the brand means in Santhali!

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7. Nicobar

Probably one of the most popular homegrown brands in India, Nicobar’s collection of sarees is just as beautiful as everything else they have to order. If easy-breezy cotton silk sarees in beautiful colours and prints are just what you’re looking for, Nicobar is your one-stop-shop!

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8. Khara Kapas

Image Source: Facebook/Khara kapas

The brand name translates to pure cotton in Hindi. True to its etymology, the brand’s collection thrives on local fabrics and handmade creations. With a slightly bohemian vibe, their sarees featuring soft colours and light embellishments are perfect for everyday wear and if styled differently can also make heads turn on a festive occasion!

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Featured Image Source: Facebook/kharakapas;


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