8 Simple Tips for Smooth Home Shifting in Delhi

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Congrats on your new home! Although moving to a new place can be exciting, you may end up highly stressed by the mountain of packing moving tasks, especially when you plan to carry out the relocation all by yourself in a crowded and bustling city like Delhi. You will have to take full responsibility to ensure your expensive hard-earned belongings are completely safe like home appliances, fragile items, furniture, etc. Moreover, you may end up injuring yourself while lifting and moving heavy goods without any extra help because of your lack of knowledge and experience.

The best option to prevent ruining your excitement of relocating and ensure you have a safe and smooth move is by hiring movers and packers Delhi. They have years of experience in the relocation industry and are capable of handling your complete move from start to end. They will categorize your household goods and methodically dismantle the large and bulky items before packing them with quality materials. Moving companies also have a good idea about which truck size will be the best fit for safely transporting your goods. They will also use essential equipment and appropriate work strategies to load and unload the home items. After final delivery at your destination, the moving crew will quickly unpack and reassemble all the items and assist in home arrangement if you require.

Before you right away hurry to book the first packers movers company you come across, it’s important to research their details to avoid getting in touch with fraud moving companies. Moreover, you need to prepare a plan to ensure you have a smooth and successful move. Mentioned below are some simple tips you can follow for quick and easy shifting:

  1. Start Planning Early: It’s essential to begin planning and preparing for your move at least 2-4 weeks before your relocation. Furthermore, make a checklist of all the tasks you need to complete before moving out of your current home, like disconnecting & reconnecting utilities, updating address in banks, online shopping sites, etc. Getting an early start will ensure you have enough time to carry out all the necessary tasks and the checklist will help you keep track of your pending work.
  2. Hire Good Packers and Movers: If you are planning to move within Delhi, you should ideally book relocation services no less than 7-10 days before the moving date. To relocate to a different city outside Delhi or move into Delhi for the first time, it will be best to hire house shifting companies at least 15-20 days before moving day. Besides, it’s advisable to look for those having a presence in both origin and destination cities when looking for domestic relocation service providers. For example, if you want to move from Gurgaon to Delhi for the first time, look for packers and movers in Gurgaon having a branch office in Delhi so that you can easily avail unpacking and other shifting services at your destination.
  3. Declutter Unwanted Goods: Sort through all your household belongings and get rid of the items which you haven’t used for a long time or don’t need any more. Doing this will considerably cut down your relocation charges too. You can donate or sell your unwanted items, which are in good condition, instead of simply throwing them away.
  4. Pack an Essentials Kit: Pack a bag with all your essential items to ensure a comfortable stay at your new place until you get time to unpack completely. Keep a bag ready with all important self-care items like extra pair of clothes, toiletries, medicines, personal care products, chargers/power banks, basic kitchen supplies, and so on.
  5. Pack & Carry Valuables Yourself: It’s not advisable to shift valuable items like jewelry, important documents, financial lifesavers, laptop, etc., with the movers. So, make sure you pack and keep them in (or along with) your essentials bag; carry them with yourself while moving to the new home.
  6. Update your New Address: To avoid missing out on important emails and crucial communication, you should update your new address in firms like banks, credit card agencies, schools/colleges, online shopping sites, etc.
  7. Manage Utility Services at Both Homes: It’s best to avoid wasting money on paying unnecessary bills for services you haven’t used; contact your utility departments to disconnect/reconnect or transfer the basic utility services like Water, Electricity, LPG agency, Cable TV, Internet/Wi-Fi, newspaper, milk vendors, etc.
  8. Clean & Prepare the Appliances: One of the important steps to avoid damages to appliances while moving is to clean and make sure they are move-ready. For example, remember to defrost the fridge one night before the shifting date, take a picture of connections before unplugging cables from any electronic appliance, empty the water filters and trays of AC, fridge, washing machine, etc. Most importantly, keep virtual proof of the item’s initial condition by clicking pictures of the major goods like electronics, furniture, etc., so that it’s easy to identify any damages and claim insurance.

Moving can be a challenging task to handle by yourself. But with the help of professional packers and movers, you can rest easy and take off the majority of the stress and trauma from your shoulders. However, before hiring any random relocation company, make sure you do enough research to identify the right company which will be the best fit for your needs and budget.

We hope the tips discussed above are helpful to start off your planning and preparation for home shifting in Delhi. It will take time to settle down in a new place, but eventually, you will learn to open up and start exploring your new surroundings. You may even cultivate new habits and start enjoying a much better routine with new friends. Get to know your new neighbors, and you will soon be comfortable in the new environment.

Have a Happy and Safe Home Moving!


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