Holding 200-Years Old History, The Frog Temple in UP Has Got to be One of The Most Unique Temples in The Country!


India is a country of diverse religions and we have temples in honour of various gods and goddesses. In fact, we also have temples in honour of animals such as snakes, eagles, rats and even dogs. So a temple dedicated to a frog should certainly not come as a surprise! Yes, you read that right. Located in the town of Oel in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh is the Narmadeshwar Temple, which is also known as the Frog Temple. And we did a lot of digging to tell you everything about this unique place of worship!

Manduk Mandir For Luck & Fertility

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Also known as the Manduk (Frog) Mandir, it is among the unique temples in the country and holds a 200-years old history. According to Tantra (Tantric Custom), the frog is a symbol of prosperity, luck and fertility, hence the strong belief among the followers. Built by the rulers of Oel, the region where this temple is located was earlier part of the Oel Kingdom. However, what’s most interesting is that the presiding god here is Shiva and not the frog, which is also why the temple is known as the Narmadeshwar Temple. 

The Legend of the Frog Temple

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By the way, there is a very interesting legend behind this temple. The King named Bakhat Singh was blessed by a frog following which his life and the lives of his future generations prospered. This is why a temple was built to honour the divinity of that frog. Even today, the descendants of Raja Bakhat Singh (the royal family of this region) have a special regard for this shrine and also have a stronghold on its management!

The Architecture

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While the legend is quite interesting but the main attraction of this shrine is its gorgeous architecture. The entire structure looks as if the frog is carrying the temple on its back. Behind the frog is the shrine of Shiva built in a square shape with a dome, several feet higher and can be reached by the steps. As per the Tantric Vidya, the temple is built on a Yantra (an octagonal lotus) and the walls are etched with carvings of Tantrik Gods and Goddess! 

So if you ever visit UP next, make sure to visit this magnificent site!

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