From Dalgona to Iced Mocha, Check Out These Easy And Yummy Coffee Recipes You Can Make at Home


An instant energy booster, Coffee, it’s the first thing we all need in the morning. The aroma of the beans, teamed with milk and sugar into a foam truly makes it a delightful start to our day. While espresso and cappuccino are the most popular forms which we are everyone must have tried their hands but you just can’t get over to the trendy Dalgona Coffee, right? So, we got in touch with Food Chef Manya Sharma who shared some easy and yummy coffee recipes you can make at home and start your day with magic. Take notes, peeps!

1. Boozy Iced Coffee

2. Dalgona Coffee

3. Nutella Iced Coffee

4. Iced Americano

5. Iced Frappe

6. Iced Mocha


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