Organize Your Life & Make it Productive by Using These Journal Apps


We are sure like us you are struggling with each day passing by and often ask yourself, “What to do today?” No matter who you are and the kinds of lives that you live, we all have memories, whether they are good or bad. Honestly, all the memories are worth remembering! That’s why keeping a journal is essential as it is one way to recall all of the significant milestones that occurred in your life. So, we have curated a list of 8 best journaling apps which you should download and get creative. 

1. Memento

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For your everyday life, Memento is your souvenir. With this app, you can manually create journal entries with text, videos, photos, locations and tags that you want to remember. But do you know what sets apart this pp from others? The magic lies within the ability to link up your social media handles. Memento lets you bring all your stories and posts, and stores them in its archive. Isn’t something of your need? 

Available: iOS and Android

2. Day One

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It is the most popular app when it comes to maintaining a journal. Day One has a wide range of options that lets you create your journal in a more straightforward and organized manner. This beautiful app allows you to add weather, insert images, videos, text and also the currently playing music. And if you a secretive person, then you can even set a password for your journal. 

Available: iOS and Android

3. Five Minute Journal

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Do you five minutes to spare at the end of each day? If yes, then grab the Five Minute Journal, because that’s all you need. The app asks you questions that you answer quickly and easily, and one can even add photos. There are daily quotes to help inspire you, as well as weekly challenges for you! Trust us, the app gives you good vibes, and that’s what we all need in this hour. 

Available: iOS and Android

4. Journey

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Whether you are looking for work or dream or gratitude journal, there’s no better journey other than Journey. With multiple options of inserting images, audio, video, auto-location, weather, password protection, and exporting in formats, it’s a journaling app. It’s a clean and crisp layout which will give your pleasure to open again and again. 

Available: iOS and Android

5. Moodnotes

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Moodnotes is a sleep app that helps you track according to your moods and the reason behind how you feel. As you open the app, it will ask you how are you feeling, pick the mood that reflects and each of these is represented with an emote and colour. Then all you have to do is add more details to the entry. We are sure you will love it! 

Available: iOS

6. Daylio

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If you are much into writing, then Daylio is a suitable app for you! It’s a micro-dairy app that lets you pick the mood state and activities so that you can spend more time doing those. A picture says a thousand words, if you believe this statement then this app is for you. Each of the smiley faces has a different mood like shopping, working, gaming, and reading. It’s time to download their free version. 

Available: iOS and Android

7. Penzu

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Penzu keeps your entries 100% safe with double password protection. With Penzu, you’re able to create rich text entries with photos, videos, music and you can easily sync your journal to access on the web so if you loads of secrets to remember, you know which app to download! 

Available: iOS and Android

8. Grid Diary

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This app puts a unique spin on journaling by displaying a series of different questions like, “What problems did I encounter today? “What can I do to make my future better?” and more in a grid-style layout to make it easy for you. Grid Diary lets you reminisce your day, and you can rejoice over all the happy moments. We are downloading it. What about you? 

Available: iOS and Android

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