For Those Who Love Staying in Bed, Check Out These 8 Brands For Cute And Comfy Sleepwear!


As kids we used to hate ‘nap time’ but now we bet we can all agree that it is our favourite part of the day! If you agree with us, which we’re sure you do, put your hands up and say, “I’m going to bed!” But not before you read this though! Fancy nightwear has been in fashion since the early ’90s but it’s only now that people have started taking notice. With celebs wearing their PJ’s to parties and absolutely working it, there’s absolutely no reason for you to wear a ratty tee and boxers to bed at night. So, if you’re looking forward to going to bed looking fab and feeling comfy, here are some sleepwear brands you absolutely have to check out!

  1. La Quna

Coming back home from an exhausting day at work and all you want to do is slip into something comfy yet stylish? (because let’s admit it, we always want to look stylish) Well, if that’s the case, look no further. La Quna is the sleepwear brand our dreams are made of! (pun intended). With trendsetting styles, extremely soft fabrics and complimenting fits, their nightwear is just what you need to look like the diva that you are even while going to bed!


2. Afterdark

Afterdark’s brand philosophy is that a goodnight’s rest is what it is all about and why should you go to bed in ordinary, uncomfortable clothes? This slow fashion brand comes up with new styles at the start of every season and as the seasons and festivities of the year go by, they add more to the current collection-keeping all styles available throughout the year. Their evergreen styles are going to last you a long time so we suggest you get your hands on one asap!


3. NeceSera

If you’re a fan of cute and comfy PJ sets, NeceSera’s nightwear is what you need in your life. Their focus is on providing their customers with the utmost comfort which is why they ensure great fabric quality. Their cosy, versatile and sustainable collection of PJ’s in bright colours and vibrant patterns are perfect for this season when all you want to do is laze around in bed all day with your clique. So get shopping now!


4. Below the Belt

On a mission to change the way people view loungewear, Below the Belt is a brand that does super quirky nightwear primarily for the bottom half i.e., jammies, boxers etc. But they also have some great nightsuits and nightshirts for both men and women. From the regular checks and stripes to quirky flamingos and bananas, they’ve got it all. Besides, they also have a bridal collection for all the brides to be to add to their wedding trousseau!


5. Dandelion Dreams

If you’re someone who likes to lounge about in their nightwear all day, Dandelion Dreams is the brand that will fulfil your dreams! Their exclusive collection of nightwear and pyjamas are just what you need in your sleepwear wardrobe because apart from being super comfy, they are also super chic. So whether it’s having your friends over for a movie night or a sudden late-night coffee plan, you don’t have to worry about changing out of your nightsuit anymore!


6. Perch

This brand epitomizes girls and young women who are driven, who have a purpose, who love what they do, and also like to take out time to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh themselves after a long day or week. With plenty of options in pj’s, shorts, nightshirts and robes, Perch is the brand you need in your sleepwear wardrobe! Especially now that it’s getting colder, you absolutely need to get your hands on their warm and comfy nightsuits and robes for cosy nights and perchy mornings!


7. De-Nap

Looking for high-quality nightwear that matches your taste? Check out De-Nap’s collection of cute, chic and comfy nightsuits and pyjama sets that will let you lounge all day without having to even touch pair of jeans or leggings! From pastels to bright colours, they do nightwear for women, children and even for mommies to be! So whether you’re into pyjamas, capris or shorts, De-Nap has got something in store for everyone’s needs and tastes!


8. Mystere Paris

Who says nightwear has to be boring? Indulge in comfy and chic nightwear from Mystere Paris’ extensive collection of nightsuits, pyjama sets, nightshirts, nighties and more and never go to bed feeling uncomfortable in those old hanging t-shirts and jammies anymore! In fact, some of their nightwear items are so dressy you could literally wear them out and come back and crash in them too. How convenient is that?



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