Enroll in This Online Q&A Session With Dr Urvashi Sehgal, Gynecologist, to Get Your Queries Answered About Pregnancy in Times of COVID-19


Pregnancy is often described as the most beautiful and memorable time of a woman’s life. But with the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, it’s stressful times for everyone, but more so for expecting mothers. With the national lockdown, it’ quite an impossible task for pregnant women to visit the hospitals for regular checkups. And we’re sure mothers-to-be would have numerous doubts and questions in their minds related to their pregnancy and childbirth, especially in times of this pandemic.
Which is why we found this amazing online live Q&A session, which is being hosted by My Child First. It is a digital platform to educate, integrate and respond to parents and parents-to-be and equip them with information on all aspects of child-rearing. The session would be taken by Dr Urvashi Seghal, a leading gynaecologist, who will answer all queries. Scroll down to know more about this session.

Dr Urvashi Sehgal

What All Is The Session About? 

We know it’s a hard time for all of us, especially for all the expecting mothers out there. We know you have so many questions to ask but no one around to help you through as you can’t visit the hospital again and again for your regular check-ups. So, it’s time to relax and ease your stress with a live Q&A session with Dr Urvashi Seghal will answer all queries related to pregnancy in times of COVID-19. Dr Urvashi Seghal is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Phoenix Hospitals, Delhi, and she has been practising for more than 20 years. 

In Picture (Left): Dr Urvashi Seghal

About My Child First Platform

My Child First is a digital platform which provides parents and parents-to-be information on many aspects of childbearing and rearing. It offers an opportunity for families to collect data, explore it and find what works best for their kids. Their mission is to integrate, educate and respond to parents and parents-to-be and equip them with information on all aspects of child-rearing. So if you are an expecting mother or you’ll like to gain more knowledge on the subject, then you must enroll in this live online session.

When: April 8, 2020; Wednesday

Time: 3 PM To 4 PM

Register below:

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