Celebrate World Health Day by Cooking These 7 Easy Keto Diet Recipes at Home!


Every year, 7th April is celebrated as World Health Day under the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 1950. The day is observed to draw worldwide attention to the subject of global and is marked by health-related events across the globe. But with the ongoing COVID-19, of course, all the events have been cancelled.
So, we got in touch with Rahul Kamra, Personalised Diet Curator who shared some amazing and vegetarian keto diet recipes that you can make at home. The Ketogenic diet has become very popular lately. It is basically a low carb, high fat and protein-based diet. It relies on reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with healthy fats. So check out these recipes and try your hand at cooking!

1. Keto New York Baked Cheesecake

2. Keto Lindt Dark Chocolate Brownie

3. Keto Buddha Bowl

4. Ketogenic Cauli Mushroom Risotto

5. Keto Mughlai Paneer Gravy

6. Keto Paneer Khurchan Kathi Roll

7. Keto Almond Halwa


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