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We have received an overwhelming response to this article and for the first time ever we have decided to reproduce it with answers to some questions and more information.

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Can you believe that someone in Tamil Nadu at Vaithiswarankoil (290 kms from Chennai) keeps the records of your past, present and future. No way, is what you might think but the truth is quite different and very shocking. In reality everything about you has been written and recorded centuries ago by great sages on palm leaves. By just using your thumb impression it is possible to tell everything about you, your parents, your siblings and your future. Welcome to the world of Nadi Astrology, where only the facts are stated and nothing is predicted.

Nadi is an ancient astrology, which has been composed by great Maharishis (sages) of India in the past using their spiritual powers. Pleased with their fervent prayer and dedicated devotion, Lord Shiva bestowed on them this amazing skill, which is a kind of sixth sense extra sensory perception. With the help of this incredible clarivoyance the sages created records of your past, present and future on palm leaves, which fortunately are still intact even today. These records are however not available for the total population of the world, the sages created the records for only those people who are destined to know about them. These choosen souls are involuntarily attracted to read the leaves by force of circumstance or under compulsion or by severe curiosity about oneself. The language inscribed on these palm leaves is in old poetic tamil(as shown in the picture above. It looks like some kind of scribbling to a layman, but in reality contains the future of your life) and is understandable to very few who are well versed in the art of naadi reading.

Surely there must be several questions running through your mind now. What kind of process is followed by the nadi institute to get to your leaf, is probably one question you must be thinking of. After all how do they find everything about me and my family by just taking my thumb print. Is the process scientific(Read Scientific Proof of Nadi Predictions) or are you just really lucky to find your future(doesn’t explain how thousands of people have found their facts). Well, the process is somewhat like this:

    1. First your thumb print(right hand thumb for males and left hand thumb for females) is taken on a piece of paper. Every thumb impression can be classified into a particular category and the leafs are categorized in bundles based on the thumb imprint categories.


    1. For a particular thumb impression there could be several bundles each containing many leafs with the future of various individuals. Once the bundle matching your thumb imprint is found, the naadi reader takes you into closed discussion and proceeds to read each leaf present in the bundle.


    1. The leaf reader has no knowledge of any of your details, he only reads out only what is written on the leaf as he has been trained to understand that language. The reader would one by one take up several leafs asking you to verify basic facts like your date of birth, your fathers name, your mothers name, their occupation, your current occupation etc. These facts would just be told to you and not asked from you, you just need to reply in yes/no. If you’re lucky you would get the leaf where everything that is written would match and answers to all the questions would be yes.


    1. It may also be that your leaf is not found, in which case they search the records at the main center in Tamil Nadu(The main center has branches all over India, allowing people all over the country to use this facility. Only certain number of scrolls are kept at each center, while the main center has a much bigger collection.)


    1. Normally, each side of the leaf would have information about one person. So a single leaf would have information on 2 people, however in very rare cases a whole leaf would have information about a single person. The naadi center hands over the leaf to you if you fall into this rare category. Sounds too startling to believe but it is absolutely true, and there have been a few cases like these.


    1. The most amazing part of this process is that even though the helpers at the naadi centers spend several hours trying to locate your leaf, they do not charge anything for their services if your leaf is not found. One needs to pay a minimal amount only after your leaf has been found it’s content recorded in the original tamil form in a notebook and translated into either hindi or english by a translator. The words of the translator are also recorded on an audio cassette which one is allowed take back along with the notebook.


Some of readers have also shared their experiences with us and we reproduce some of them below:

I have seen my bhavishya at a center at PUNE. I am very surprised to know the past,present & future of myself. Many of my relatives & freinds seen this & find is perfect & correct. I advise to all to see their future & feel the exiting things in life – Anil

I’ve visited many nadi centers in Punjab & Harayna. System is very same as you told.I’ve got the nadi leaves of My entire family. No doubt nadi astrology Is great method to know future. But the predictions are not 100% accurate . Nadi readers tell the good things of future boastly & ignores the bad ones.My neighbor’s age was told by a nadi reader 85. but he was dead in just 67th. I think the leaves r 100% correct but readers r not. To get the full knowledge about nadi system one must read book Nadi Astrology (English, Hindi) written by Shashikant oak. –  Sandeep Bansal

We have also received many queries asking us about the details and locations of these centers. These centers are spread all across India and a little googling on the centers of your city should do the trick. If you live in Delhi then check here for more information on how you can see your leaf.


  1. Went to the sec 31 gurgaon center today. IT is completely USELESS. They told me nothing. AFter waiting for 5 hours they found my leaf. They asked me lots of questions. Whatever information they got from that, the same information they gave back to me in the form of my a prediction over and over again.
    A complete waste of Rs 4500 Id say. After talking for 2 minutes abt nadi in general they told me i should do some ‘upaais’, basically wanted me to shell out additional 1500 per remedy. I have the cassette and the TAMIL version of hte prediction which could well be Greek and i wouldnt know hte diff. No offence but Nadi is highly overrated, or maybe I had a bad experience. STAY AWAY FROM IT.HIGHLY ‘UN’-RECOMMENDED

  2. Can anyone please tell me his/her past predictions experience with nadi. \is he true or a fake. Future predictions gives some hopes to a person who is disturbed in present and went to some astrologers. so please help me by telling your experiences

  3. Hi….

    I have gone to one of the Nadi astrologer.But at that time i didnt find my leaf.I just wanna know i am into relationship and we are planning to get married.With the help of Kandams will i be able to know the accurate name of my hubby.How much this is true..Please help me with your experiences with Nadi astrology!!!

  4. As long as the Nadi Josyam people do not talk about the very bad things that could happen in life (such as loss of life), it does not harm to go and find out if there are remedies that can be performed. Whether they are all true or false, it is yet another form of providing hope to oneself. Hope itself is a healing factor. So, if it does not cost too much, why not go and try it out?

  5. Hi Mr. Dhingra,

    As this is your post can you please let us all know the true address and/or phone number of New Delhi Center?


  6. Hi,

    I had visited Gurgaon, Sector-31 Nadi Centre in the month of Feb 2010. They asked me questions as mentioned by xyz and that surely raised my doubts. No past incidences were told as they stated that my leaf never carries them.

    I was told that i should be cautious of an accident and in the month of May, i had an accident in which my car got damaged but i got minor injuries.

    Another prediction given for near future is that Me and my wife (BOTH) will change for Better Jobs by December 2010 / January 2011(reading came through my leaf). I await this incidence to happen, if this happens (even say by March 2011), i shall have full faith on the correctness of Nadi Astrology and can assume that what else has been told will come true.

    As per Kandams 13 and 14, i have been suggested few remedies: At the moment I am performing only those remedies which don’t cost much (like going to Temple/ Lighting Diya etc). If the job change prediction comes true, i shall go in for the remedy where i need to invest more time and money.

    I would appreciate if people could write more on their experience after performing the remedies.

  7. hi, every one
    I am facing so many difficulties in my married life since 2007 then someone told me about Nadi Astrology. I went there and I have faced a new experience . They told me each and every thimg related to my past and all things were right I belive them totally now. After visiting there I feel a positive attitude towards life. Thanks Nadi Astrology You give me a positive attitude.

  8. I had a similar experience like what xyz said. They asked me questions in picking my leaf in such a way that I gave lot o information during that time. After that, they came bacl with a leaf exactly matching my details. I suspect they forge a leaf after asking these questions. So after my experience, my belief in Nadi is completely gone.

  9. who is thumb prints analyses and selection of leaf?
    is there any book,in any language?
    why is this particular portion of leaf reading is keeps confidential.

  10. Hi There
    I am visiting India in March and would like to visit a Nadi in Delhi.
    Can someone please provide me the address of a Nadi astrologer in Delhi


  11. Hi All,

    I am much interested in Naadi. Does any one know, from where these people get those leaves? And why these people are doing these jobs? Who has given those leaves to them?

    Anyone tried to trace back the origin of these leaves?


  12. Hi every body,

    I want to refer the nadi astrology to the persons who are thinking as false. When you are going to an astrologer, we give our whole details i.e place of birth,name ,time etc.Here in order to get our leaf, they ask questions like starting letters of our name, married or not etc.There is nothing wrong if you answer to the questions.It is not a fraud there. But when once our leaf is there our past and present will be coming correctly including the names of everyone in our family and all other things which are true. Regarding future predictions it may not be 100% coming what they say.This is often most people complain.

  13. Sri Agathiyar Nadi Jothida nilayam
    ( D balasubramaniam)
    189, Periyar Nagar,
    Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu – 631501

    landline: 044-27269283
    94436 89363
    This is the supposedly the chiefmost centre in India. The other one is in Vaitheeswaran Koil.

  14. Hi all,
    I got my predictions done at Kanchipuram,tn.Past predictions were perfect.Future yet to experience.Rates are very low here compared to the north.I paid only 330 for general and 200 each for the other kandams.Puja is 3500.I was shocked to hear ppl pay so much up north.
    Its simply amazing. Don kno how they do it.Predictions were true for my whole family and various friends.No trickery is involved.They even got the bizarrest of names correct without asking any question.Do believe in this.

  15. Regards!
    I am from Haryana. Could u plz tell me the Nadi Centre in Haryana,Punjab, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Delhi? All these places are easy reachable to me.
    Thank U.

  16. i am 34 years old, married and have a daughter. I am experiencing a lot of difficulty in conceiving my second child after trying unsuccessfully for the past 2 and a half years. in the process i’ve suffered 2 miscarriages. I am losing faith in everything and feeling depressed. please help me and tell me if i would ever conceive in future again.

  17. Hi.
    I agree with saravanan.
    No doubt naadi astrology is great method to know future. They do not charge anything for their services if ur leaf is not found.i went naadi astrology in gurgaon in IFFCO colony, they predict my future accurately.

  18. Hi Saravanan,

    Can you tell me the name and place of the naadi shastra center you went to..because even i would want to visit since you said they almost predicted correct.

    It would be of great help if you know any good reliable naadi shastra center in pune.


  19. Hi..

    I disagree with xyz to some extent. Like any other cheaters, there are also these false nadi astrologers spread across India.

    I’ve been to nadi astrology personally. As xyz said, they sometimes ask for your first letter of your name or how many letters are there in ur name etc.,

    But after finding the leaf, they exactly tell your father’s name, mother’s name, how many bro’s sisters, what happened during your 10th year. He also told my wife’s name and child’s name. All the above without asking any clue.

    Also they tell us about the incidents happened in the past in our lives like thera was a break in education or you had an accident during 18th year etc., To my shock, they also told me that I am the second son in my family. But Iam the eldest son in my family. While I objected, they asked me to check with my parents. Only then I knew there was a baby conceived and there was a miscarriage for my mom 2 years before I was born. That was amazing. According to them, even those things are taken into count.

    Without me telling anything, he clearly told that I was looking for a change in job and even if i switch job, it wont last longer. And I will be switching jobs often till 37. I will get a good break only after 37 years. All that is happening now. Thanks to recession, I lost my job just few days ago.

    One more thing is, whatever remedies suggested by them are not performed by them. They only ask you to visit some temple and light ghee lamps or perform pooja at the temple (which wont cost us more than 1 or 2 hundreds). They also ask us to visit a particular temple on a particular day for so many weeks. None of the remedies suggested by them had their involvement at all.

    Also in few leaves, it is mentioned that the nadi reader should share the cost of the remedy performed by the listener. Even that also had happened in few cases, to my knowledge.

    So, we cant judge by few frauds who misguide people for money. Again they dont call us… we are visiting them to get to know more about our future etc.,

    Also they dont tell you that they can change your whole future. They only say that, if you do such remedies, the ill effects of your bad time can be reduced to some extent but cannot be cleared off.

  20. Hi,
    I went to a nadi astrologer in Pune, not once but four times with four different friends. The first time I went there, I was totally zapped, the second time I had my doubts, the third time I sharpened my observation and the fourth time I was convinced it was all fraud.
    This nadi astrologer, named Bala, residing in Aundh, Pune, appears to have practiced the art not of astrology, but of cunning. He looks through his bunch of palm leaf and the prospect is supposed to answer just yes or no to his questions. Because people who come to him are so disturbed, they put aside their observation skill and are completely focussed on resolving their problems. By simply answering yes or no the prospect gives away so many details of their lives unknowingly. For example he asks, are you married? and you say no, he makes a mental note that you are unmarried.
    His prospects get very surprised when he comes out with their name, father’s name and mother’s name. When you go to him, along with your thumb print you are also to give the first letter of your name. Then he asks you things like, does your name consist of five letters. You say either yes or no. He makes a mental note of the number of letters. Then he asks you smart questions like is there a vowel in your name and you end up giving more info about your name. Then he gives you a set of non vowel letters and asks if any of them are in your name. Suppose you say one of them , he mentally figures what your name could be, by putting the first letter of your name, the vowel, the non vowel. He may ask you similar questions about some other letters if he has not been able to figure out your name yet. To confuse the prospect he will ask similar questions about your parents name. Any body with pencil and paper in front of them would be able to figure out a name if somebody gave away so many details like what the name begins with, how many letters it consists of, how many vowels and which vowels are there, and which are the consonants that are there. No rocket science there.

    About your date of birth he will ask things like were you born in the last four months of the year. Suppose you say no, he will ask ,after going through some more leaves and some more questions, were you born in the first four months. If you say no to that he figures your that you were born in the middle four months. After a series of other questions he will ask, were you born in April or June. If you say no to that he will ask were you born in May. Even for the date of birth, he will ask something like were you born between the 20th or 30th? Smart fellow. I admire his skill at remembering.

    After amassing all these details and like your name, your parents name, your date of birth he picks out one leaf and reads all those detail. The prospect is totally zapped and he tells him his leaf is found at last.

    Most people who come to him come with some problem or the other and to all of them he says, this is a bad patch of your life, planetary positions, you see. It is not difficult for him to figure out what your problem is because when he takes you through his battery of questions, you have let out somewhere or the other what your problem is.

    To all the people who come to him he says they are born in good families. To all of them he says there is a remedy for their woes. The remedy comes by way of puja, which he can perform for you, but which comes for a fee as high as Rs 4000/- He also tells most people that somebody has done black magic on them. Poor gullible souls, they believe it all!

    Unsuspecting people get duped. But the kind part about him that he gives everyone hope, good times are round the corner.

    Please do not go to him if you have a problem. Go to him if you want to study how people make fools of others. Go to him if you wish to uncover his fraud.

  21. Hi,

    Please provide me the address of Nadi astrologer in Pune.

    Please reply me urgently.



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