8 Quick & Delicious Vegetarian Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm & Comfy This Winters!


Winter season is officially here! Every sip of healthy and vegetable soup is a divine experience during cold winter times. Soups are comforting, warm and are definitely easy to make! From creamy chowders to pumpkin soups, there are tons of vegetarian soups to try. So, we got in touch with a food blogger Madhuri Aggarwal, who shared some creamy and healthy vegetarian soup recipes that will keep you warm this winter season.

  1. Apple Soup

2. Broccoli Almond Soup

3. Carrot Soup

4. Mushroom Coconut Soup

5. Pea Lettuce Soup

6. Potato Leek Soup

7. Pumpkin Soup

8. Tomato Basil Soup


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