7 Stand Up Comedy Gigs in Delhi-NCR You Simply Cannot Miss This Month!


The year has just begun, you still have a little hangover from all the partying and you definitely miss the fun times spent with your loved ones. Right? Rather than staying gloomy and sulking about going back to work, it’s a good idea to enjoy some laughs with your gang. And of you’re a Delhiite, don’t worry, the city has a couple of top-notch comedy gigs happening this month. Check them out!

1. Comedy Show By Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Image Source: nakedtruth.in

We’ll say it again, the man needs no introduction! He’s one talented person who can laugh at himself and even roast himself! That requires guts, right? If you’ve been following his comedy, you’d know his Bollywood movie-worthy story of how he quit his high paying job to pursue comedy. And when you’re that passionate about something, you’ve got to be great at it!
When: 20 January
Where: Up And Down – Kitchen and Bar: Delhi

2. Tu Toh Chup Hi Reh by Jaspreet Singh

Image Source: sbs.com

Trust us, this would be one of the most hilarious 75 minutes of your life! If you’ve been following Jaspreet’s comedy, you’d know that is style is relatable AF! He’d say something funny and you’d be like, ‘that’s absolutely true’! If you really want to uplift your spirits and enjoy some good quality comedy, you’ve got to head to his show.
When: 20 January
Where: Canvas Laugh Club: Noida

3. Sharma Ji Before & After by Sundeep Sharma

Image Source: Youtube

Come on, admit it, you love his desi style! Sharma ji (as we all lovingly know him) has a pretty peculiar style of doing stand up, which makes him totally different from the rest of the lot. He has the ability to say a damn hilarious joke with a poker straight face, and leave you laughing hard, clenching your guts! Yes, he can do that, which is exactly why you must attend his show!
When: 18 January
Where: Canvas Laugh Club: Gurgaon

4. KAN.U by Anshu Mor

Image Source: Justdial.com

He looks like he’s about to burst into a Ted Talk. No, really! One look at Anshu Mor, and comedy is the last thing you’d expect from him. He looks like one of those typical, hardcore corporate VP types, and you really just want to shake his hand and give him your visiting card. But you’d be gravely mistaken, because the man can perform a great stand up and how! It’s also super funny when he cracks hilarious jokes about his age! You’ve got to check him out, guys.
When: 19 January
Where: Canvas Laugh Club: Gurgaon

5. Punchliners by Manish Tyagi

Image Source: Youtube

When an engineer and ex-Navy Commander turns to stand up comedy, you’ve got to sit and take notice. Manish Tyagi’s comedy style is simply hilarious AF and it’s commendable how he can crack jokes around sex without being offensive or derogatory. Much respect! If you want to enjoy some great laughs with your gang, you must head to his show, fellas!
When: 20 January
Where: Club Tivoli: Gurgaon

6. Best of Gupta Ji by Appurv Gupta

Image Source: eventshigh.com

Here’s another engineer turned stand up comic who’s amazingly good at his craft. His jokes too are really relatable and you’d be left wondering, ‘OMG, that happens with me all the time’! Get your groove back after the year-end partying and enjoy his show with your buddies.
When: 15 January
Where: Manhattan Bar, Gurgaon

7. Stand up comedy show by Aakash Gupta

Image source: justdial.com

He’s super energetic, he’s hilarious, and he’ll make you laugh very, very hard! In fact, from what we hear, most of his set at this show would be raw, fresh and completely untested. So be prepared for some amazingly novel comedy from his end. And add to that the breathtakingly gorgeous ambience of Piano Man Jazz Club. Ah! Bliss!
When: 13 January
Where: The Piano Man Jazz Club: Delhi

Featured Image Source: Appurvgupta/facebook


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