13 Latest Netflix Series (No Season 2s) Which Have Dropped in 2020 So Far To Binge Watch This Weekend!


Let’s admit it, if adulting has taught us anything in life, it’s the fact that going out and making plans with friends can be quite a task! And that staying in to Netflix & chill is our favourite hobby. With huge ass screens and home theatre systems, watching our favourite Netflix series at home sounds like quite a plan, right? So, if you’re struggling to figure out what to watch this weekend, then check out these latest Netflix series which have dropped on the streaming service so far in 2020.

1.Taj Mahal 1989

Image Source: Netflix

Sadly, this is the only Indian series on the list. But we bet, this the best of the lot! Directed by Pushpendra Nath Misra, who’s also coming up with a Bollywood flick starring Nawazuddin soon, this series will take you on a super nostalgic ride. Set in the 1980s’ Lucknow, it depicts the complicated love between couples of different age groups- before the era of WhatsApp and tinder! The direction, cinematography and editing are seamless. But what takes the cake is it’s impeccable dialogue writing and consistent flow of the story, without much dramatics. Yet, it’s a really gripping tale- totally unmissable!

2. Rise Of Empires Ottoman

Image Source: Netflix

Oh yes! Here’s another really gripping tale, but with full-on dramatics and emotions. Ottoman is a Turkish (it’s available in English) docu-drama series based on the invasion of Constantinople city (Which is now Istanbul. Yeah, we didn’t know it either!) by Mehmed the Conqueror. After 24 attempts by previous emperors, he was the first one to actually succeed in his attempt to win the city by taking down its humongous walled borders. If you’re into history, trust us, you’ll love every minute of the series. And to top the intricate storytelling, the Turkish actors in the series, especial Cem, who plays Mehemed, have done a fabulous job. If you want to watch something which keeps you on the edge of your seat, then this is the perfect watch!

3. Locke & Key

Image Source: Wired

For all the fattus who are scared of horror, yet can’t resist it, Netflix has a treat for you! Part horror, part thriller and part fantasy, Locke & Key is based on the graphic novels by the same title and follows the tale of three siblings, who, after the murder of their father, discover magical powers in his old estate. Even though the trailer gives a bit of Narnia vibes, we hear it’s nothing like that. Also, it’s made by the same guy who directed the most insane series of all time- Lost! So, you can just fathom how twisted this one’s going to be!

4. Dracula

Image Source: Decider

This one’s our personal one of the lot. It’s only a three-part mini-series based on the novel by the same name. What works for the show is that it’s probably something like you’d have never seen before. Why? Well, because it’s neither horror nor thriller, yet would keep you wanting more! Of course, you guessed it right, the series revolves around a vampire/Dracula. But it’s much more than that. The Dracula has an arch-nemesis, who follows him across time zones! Yes, after being in hibernation for over 100 years, the Dracula finds himself in today’s era! British actress Dolly Wells plays Dracula’s nemesis, while Danish actor Claes Bang makes the most dashing Dracula we’ve ever seen! So, if you’re a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock kind of content, you’ll surely love this one.

5. Ares

Image Source: thedigitalweekly

How would you like to watch a series which is being reported as so scary that people are unable to finish it? Ah! Piques your interest, right? The 8-episode series follows the story of a medical student, Rosa, who joins an elite secret society, Ares, in Holland. What follows is the multiple suicides of society’s important members, which makes Rosa rise in the society. But with that, she also discovers the deep, dark secrets of it. If horror & mystery is your genre, then we suggest you shouldn’t give it a miss. The series is in the Dutch language, but watching it even in subtitles would totally be worth it.

6. Ragnarok

Image Source: Netflix

Don’t worry, this Norwegian series is available in English. It follows the story of a teenage boy, Magne, who finds himself in a new town where he learns that the fight between the gods and the giants happened aeons ago in the same place. And soon he discovers his own supernatural powers since he’s the embodiment of Thor! Quite a take on the classic Thor legend, right? Magne finds that the town is plagued with evils of climate change and a famous family in the town, which is actually the giants, are doing most of the harm. And hence begins the journey of Magne of fighting against the evils and giants. Even though it’s got mixed reviews, you can definitely try it out this weekend.

7. October Faction

Image Source: Decider

How would you react if you found out that your parents were secretly monster hunters? Well, we’d feel thrilled for sure! October Faction is based on the comics series by the same name and revolves around the Allen family. While the parents are secret monster-hunters, their teenage twin kids think they are insurance representatives. But everything goes haywire when the children discover the truth about their parents. It’s violent, it’s horror, it’s mysterious, and it’s a must-watch!

8. The Witcher

Image Source: nytimes

Well, well, well. We don’t need to tell you anything about this one now, do we? Odds are that you’ve already probably seen this one or at least heard tons about it! Starring our favourite Superman a.k.a Henry Cavill as Geralt, the Witcher and English actress Anya Chalotra as Yennefer in the lead roles, and is based on the fantasy book series of the same title. It’s been much in the news owing to its massive comparison with The Game Of Thrones. Of course, it’s based in the pre-historic era where there are witches, kings, queens and other mythical creatures and at times the storyline could be a bit confusing. And even though the show has got mixed reviews, it’s one of those- love it or hate it but you definitely can’t ignore it!

9. Messiah

Image Source: Refinery29

So, thankfully, this is not a supernatural-fantasy series! Starring popular American actress Michelle Monaghan, the thriller series follows the story of a CIA officer (played by Michelle) who is faced with an unparalleled challenge. A man has surfaced who, according to his followers is the reincarnation of Jesus and can perform miracles. And even when he is taken into custody, he miraculously disappears from the cell. And now Michelle’s character is on a mission to unmask his con- if it is that! Of course, owing to its religious nature, the show has seen its share controversies and the reviews have been pretty mixed. So watch if the plot intrigues you.

10. The Stranger

Image Source: Netflix

Full of insane twists and turns which you wouldn’t be able to fathom in your wildest dreams, The Stranger is a thriller series you should definitely watch out for. A perfectly normal, happy couple has two young boys. But their life goes upside down because a stranger tells the father that how his wife has lied to him. And what follows is utter chaos and unravelling of a series of lies, with, of course, a heartbreaking ending. That’s all we can give you for now. Watch the series if you’d like to be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

11. Luna Nera

Image Source: Horrorfuel

Luna Nera (Black Moon) is Netflix’s original Italian series based in the 17th-century Italy. Fancy, right? Set in the Roman countryside, it follows the story of a group of women accused of witchery. It’s based on a series of books by the same name, which is actually based on the real-life 17th-century witch hunts and burnings in Italy. The plot revolves around a teenage girl who is accused of witcher and flees to the woods, but is sadly in love with the son of the head witch hunter! With undertones of feminism and the fight against patriarchy, the show is masterfully dubbed in English. So you can watch it easily.

12. Night On Earth

Image Source: Indiewire

This one is a British nature documentary narrated by Orange Is The New Black & The Handmaid’s Tale actress Samira Wiley. The show captures the night activities of the animals in the wild using modern-day cameras and technology which literally make even the night look like daytime! You simply have to watch it to believe it. In fact, we did spot some gory scenes of hunting. So watch it only if you have the heart to see those! All in all, an interesting docu-series if you have a genuine interest in the world of the animals.

13. The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia

Image Source: Whatsonnetflix

And finally, away from all the suspense and horror and fantasy- if you’re looking for a fun & light comedy-drama series, then ‘The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia’ is your best bet! The light-hearted series follows the life of a 15-year-old genius girl who is already a rocket scientist and robotics engineer. She moves to the US for a chance to work with NASA. But in reality, she just wants to get away from her mother and do all the teenage stuff! See, told you light-hearted!

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