With The Festive Season in Full Swing, we Spoke to Popular Blogger Himanshi Goel About Special Skin Care Tips


The festive season is in full swing and of course, we want our skin to behave and be at its best during this time of the year. But unfortunately, all those parties, the late nights, the pollution and the truckloads of makeup take a toll on our skin. Isn’t it, ladies? No matter how much we try to make sure we take off our make up at night before going to bed or make it a point to moisturise, but something or the other just comes up to ruin our good skin days. Which is why we got in touch with beauty blogger Himanshi Goel, a.k.a the girl behind beesandbaubles, to give us some tips on how to keep our skin in a good condition even during the festive season!

Hi Himanshi. What’s your skincare routine during the festive season?

I make sure I remove all the makeup from my face properly before I hit the bed, no matter how tired I am or how late it is! I also do double-cleansing or triple-cleansing depending on the amount of makeup I applied, and also depending on my general makeup routine.
But a double cleanse is a must during the hectic festive season. Also, I use a basic toner and moisturizer before I sleep at least once within 2-3 days since I’m wearing makeup daily. This just keeps my skin healthy.  Since I have sensitive skin, I make sure to use very calming products and products which don’t irritate my skin.

Okay. So, tell us top 5 products you recommend to include in skincare routine this super busy festive season?

  • First is sunscreen, for sure. You should wear it in the daytime and even at night regardless of whether its the festive season or not!
  • A very calming and nice facewash which you can use to wash your face multiple times a day, like Cetaphil or Episoft. 
  • A good moisturizer, depending on your skin type, to keep it hydrated.
  • A moisturising lip balm and some hand cream because no one likes dry hands!

What are the steps you follow to prep your skin before you put on make up for a party?

Image Source: makeupandbeauty.com

To prep my skin I use a moisturiser first and then a primer to make my makeup last longer and prevent breakouts. I also use a makeup fixer, to keep my makeup intact until I’m ready to take it off. Currently, I am using Mac Fix Plus and another one from Urban Decay. If you have oily skin you can use powder to keep your make up in place.

As we all know, Diwali means a lot of pollution. What can we do to protect our skin from the harmful effects of pollution?

  • In the morning you can moisturise your skin well and use sunscreen as a shield against pollution.
  • In the evening, make sure you are using make-up fixer, primer, and moisturizer with your makeup. This is to ensure your skin has a couple of layers and it doesn’t get affected by all the pollution. 
  • Also, make sure you wash your face twice in the morning and at night. At least whenever you’re taking off makeup or feel that your skin has a lot of dust. In these cases, do wash your face often and follow it up with a moisturizer. Masking also helps to prevent skin damage due to pollution.

What can we do in case of breakouts right before an important event?

Overnight remedies would include acne-patches. They won’t confirm the disappearance of the acne, but will definitely help. You can also apply some acne ointments. But make sure to check with your dermatologist first before you use any ointment.
You can also use tea-tree based masks or neem-based masks so that your acne, and the pain and inflammation along with it, gets normalised and you could hide it with makeup after that if required. Also, try to eat clean and drink loads of water so that your skin is in a healthy condition. That’s very important!

Can you recommend any DIY face packs for the festive glow?

Image Source: Miss Wish

Besan, Turmeric, and Curd is something I personally use as a DIY face pack. It is great for soothing dry skin. You just have to mix 4 teaspoons of Besan and ¾ teaspoon of Turmeric which you can store in a mason jar. Just add enough Curd for it to form a paste-like consistency and you’re good to go! If you’re allergic to curd or simply don’t like the smell of it, you can replace it with Malai as well. 

Multani Mitti with lemon juice is the perfect remedy for acne and also pimple scars. Mix two teaspoons of Multani Mitti with a dash of turmeric powder (which acts as an antiseptic) and half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and finally our main magic ingredient- lemon juice! Apply it on your face and rinse it off with cold water.

Removing makeup is an equally important part of skincare. What do you recommend for that?

You have to make sure that you remove your makeup properly. The first step to that is a double-cleanse. Use a makeup cleanser, then you can use your face wash. If you want, you can use a face brush with it, like a Foreo Facial Brush so that your skin is absolutely clean. Once your skin is clean, just pat dry it. Don’t scrub it, treat your skin very softly and gently.  And then, put a mist or use your toner and finally, moisturizer. 

What tips would you give to women with dry and sensitive skin when it comes to makeup?

For dry and sensitive skin, use products with a calming and moisturizing base. Use a lot of calendulas, chamomile, aloe vera based products and depending on what works best for you. And also try not to overload your skin with products. Try to use less number of products. Do go to sleep with a nice moisturizing sleeping mask on your face so that when you wake up, your skin is in great condition. 

Lastly, what night/ before bedtime skincare regime would you suggest in festive days when one has to apply heavy make up?

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So the night before, just follow your basic CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising), but sleep with a moisturizing sleeping mask on your face so that you get up with good skin. There are a lot of sleeping masks available in the market. Laniege has got some good sleeping masks and lip masks. You can also try Innisfree and Kiehl’s, for sleeping masks and Clinique for lip balms.

You can check out Himanshi’s blog here.


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