Try Out These Super Easy & Simple Microwave Recipes if You Are Struggling to Cook Yourself


With the entire nation on lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of young, urban population is struggling to cook their own meals at home. Even though a handful of outlets are still delivering cooked, it’s best to avoid it and practice social distancing. So, if you too are struggling to cook your own food during this lockdown period and if you have a microwave at home, then you must try your hands at these super easy and simple microwave recipes. So, we got Delhi-based food blogger Haya Kshipra to share some easy microwave recipes.

1. Mac & Cheese

2. Fluffy Mug Omelette

3. Masala Rice

4. Chocolate Mug Cake

5. Banana Mug Cake

6. Cheesy Sweet Corn

7. Bread Pizza


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