This Eatery in Moti Nagar Has Been Serving More Than 20 Variants of Samosas Since Last 18 Years, Including Chocolate Samosas!


There’s no denying the fact that tasty, old and filling samosas will always be our favourite chai buddies. From family gatherings to birthday parties, samosas have been ruling every dining table. And we’re sure you all have a favourite samosa & chaat corner near your place, right? But have you ever eaten at Kumar Samose Wala in Moti Nagar? Well, this iconic, tiny eatery has been serving different varieties of samosas for almost the last two decades. And yes, that includes chocolate samosa too! Scroll down to know more about this place.

Kumar Samose Wala

Tucked in the bylanes of Moti Nagar, Kumar Samose Wala has been serving quirky and unique samose for last 18 years. This little place is the one to bring reform in samose, and we couldn’t be any happier! Not much to the, there’s no seating area or even standing tables. But what matters to us is the variety of samosas they had on offer! This little eatery is like a halwai shop; they have a shop in front and cooking area on the back.

Pizza Samosa, Pasta Samosa, Chocolate Samosa & More

Kumar Samose Wale is the oldest samosa joint in the city that whips out amazingly crunchy and varieties of the samosas including Pizza, Pasta and Chowmein. From pasta to paneer samosa, they’ve got it all! Their Malai Chaap, Paneer Korma, and Chocolate samosas are one of the favourites amongst the crowd. Our personal preference would the Pizza Samosa– It’s the perfect combination of melted cheese, corn and pepper.

Apart from samosa, they also serve vegetable sandwich, paneer kulcha, veg kathi roll and more. Over the years, they have been receiving immense love and appreciation from the locals. If you are one of those who loves to experiment on their food, then, you can even ask them here at the eatery to customise the dish as per your taste and preferences.

If you are a true blue samosa lover, then you should head here! The prices range from anywhere between Rs 15 and Rs 40 bucks only. We are already drooling for them, and we recommend you try out this little place for some excellent samosas!

Where: 2/31, Phase 3, New Moti Nagar, Moti Nagar, New Delhi

(Featured Image Source: Zomato)


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