These Education Apps Are Offering Free Classes Since Schools Are Shutdown Because of Coronavirus Outbreak


We all know how the outbreak of Coronavirus has impacted the entire globe. With new cases coming in every day from different parts of the world, we’re sure you know the WHO has declared it as a pandemic. Keeping in mind the safety of children, the Delhi Government has advised all schools, colleges and cinema halls in the city to remain shut till 31st March. And in such a scenario, apart from other things, it’s the children’s education which is suffering.
Thankfully, some of the education apps are giving free access to their content because of the schools being shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Scroll down and bookmark these! 

1. Manga High

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Children and schools can have unlimited access to hundreds of curriculum-aligned math activities on Mangahigh’s app. Mangahigh is an engaging game-based learning platform for math that helps students to develop an understanding of key topics in the subject. All you have to do is signup on the website, and you will receive 60 days of free access.

2. Byju’s

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All the students from grade 1st to 12th will be able to access the learning programs for free on the Byju’s app. Students in the first to third grade can access English and maths lessons while students from class 4th to 12th can learn science and math concepts. All you have to do is download the app and sign up and you’ll be able to access free content till April end.

3. Toppr

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Mumbai-based Toppr has made its services free for all students from classes 5 to 12. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Toppr’s Live courses and video classes are entirely free for all students. Toppr offers questions, solutions, videos, concepts and practice tests to students.

4. Vedantu

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Vedantu is offering free access to their complete learning platform. Providing free access to all the Live classes, study material, assignments and tests, Vedantu is perfect study package from home. They have free content for grades 1 to 12 covering subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies, Physics and Chemistry. Apart from this, even the co-curricular courses such as Photography, Turbo Maths, Rocket Pro, Coding are also free for the kids. 

Apart from these apps, we found two more online learning apps that are free and are offering study material for the kids so that their studies don’t get disturbed.

5. MyCBSEguide

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Providing the latest NCERT solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, CBSE syllabus, CBSE sample papers, CBSE question papers and chapter wise vital questions, MyCBSEGuide is one of the most trusted apps when it comes to learning material. All the content available on the app has been prepared by teachers with more than 10 years of experience in CBSE schools. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll get access to all the material. 

6. Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is a free resource for teachers, parents and students. Once you sign up, you will get access to exercises, quizzes, and tests as well as instructional videos to help you learn and review material. Available in 40 languages, Khan Academy has a library of lessons covering kindergarten through early college math, grammar, science, history and more.

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