Habits to Say No to in Online Betting for Better Success


All of us make mistakes from time to time, and it is only from these mistakes that one is expected to learn. Unfortunately, mistakes can cost you dear sums of money when it comes to betting. Breaking the habit of bad betting requires you to first identify where you’re going wrong, and then going about remedying it.

Here are some common mistakes one makes when betting and can be easily rectified. Once you have dealt with all of these, you will be well on the path to success and to win as much money as online baccarat players seem to win these days.

Betting on Everything

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Sportsbooks and online betting websites have no dearth of offers on display, and so many markets and events to try out that it’s very easy to get carried away in excitement. However, that is the very mistake that separates a rookie punter from an experienced one. You don’t want to be betting too often and on everything. And this is a common phenomenon, the mentality of “just one more bet”. A few well-considered wagers will prove to be worth much more than a few random, scattered bets.

Betting with Emotions

Maybe you have a hometown soccer team that you are completely loyal to. That is nice, but not the best strategy when it comes to gambling. For you, the best team is the one that has got the highest chances of winning. You would find yourself having much higher win percentages if you started betting based on what you think would happen, instead of what you wish would happen. Since money is involved, it is a good idea to let sentiment out of the room. There is no make-believe involved in betting.

Chasing Losses

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One of the most damaging and debilitating mistakes a gambler can make is chasing losses, and it isn’t easy to correct. You need to remember, however, that just because you are on a losing streak for any length of time doesn’t mean that your luck will change suddenly, and sometimes the best way out is to stop, take a break, and start afresh at some later time.  It is smart to walk away while your wallet is still fat, or you’ll soon be completely and dangerously out of money.

Blaming Bad Luck

“Bad luck” is usually a great cover story for bad betting. You will make poor and uninformed decisions, and fail to be honest with yourself, and when you fail to improve moving forward you will blame bad luck. What you should do instead I analyse what you have been doing. Take a good look at your old wagers and search for a fresh perspective that time is sure to provide.

Getting Greedy

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None of us is exempt from greed, and it isn’t always necessarily about money either. In gambling, there can be greed for cash and the greed for gambling itself. It is very wise to start learning about bankroll management if you’re greedy for money, since staying consistent with your wagers and keeping to a plan is a fine way to start. If the greed is for the rush of gambling, then you might want to adjust your stakes accordingly. Picture a figure in mind and learn how to stop once that figure has been hit and make yourself realise that there is no need to keep going. That’s greed.

Being Lazy

You cannot expect great results if you’re not willing to put in the required amount of effort. Picking winning bets isn’t a talent that appears magically in people overnight. It requires studying the markets and reading betting tips. If you wish to bet on Bet 365, then you are expected to have read at least one Bet365 review.

Wagering on Mystery Sports

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It is sometimes really tempting to wager on a sport that you’ve never heard of, especially if your regular sport is on a break or off-season. However, if you’re shopping for a new sport to bet on, it would be a wise idea to pick a sport that you’re at least familiar with. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t go for the Albanian tiddlywinks championship.

Drinking and Betting

Drinking and gambling do not mix, and there are no two ways about it. Therefore, by not mixing the two, you get a two-fold profit. You get to enjoy your drinks fully, but also have a clear head when betting. You also get to be able to afford more drinks in the future.

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