Get Creative by Following These 8 DIY Crafts Instagram Handle And Make Most of Your Quarantine Time!


With all of us being quarantined, we are sure like you are also bored of binge-watching web series and movies. If you want to let out all those creative juices, then why do make something out of the waste. Be it making origami animals using paper or recycling old clothes into bags and more; we are sure you are thrilled by now. So, we have listed out 8 DIY craft Instagram handles, which you should follow for all those creative ideas. 

1. 5-Minute Crafts

One of the popular Instagram handles when it comes to getting creative with art and craft. One can learn the art of making colourful crafts, and they have tons of options to choose from. Be it painting cups and bottles or making cool phone colours, 5-Minute Crafts will make your dull day into a productive yet creative day. 

2. Troom Troom

DIY accessories, cosmetics, fashion or home decor, name it and Troom Troom has all the hacks for the creative minds. One can get all-rounded tutorials to make cool things in a step-by-step method. We recommend you to follow this page. Brownie points, if you are one whose into pranks, then they have an entire section for easy pranks and hacks! 

3. Blossom

From DIY gardening to DIY clothing without sewing to creative ways to make use of the bottle, Blossom is one of the most popular Insta handles. And when it comes to recycle old clothes and make innovative gifts ideas, their tricks and hacks are just perfect. It’s time to utilise your mind and time in something creative! 

4. Crafty Panda

Get endless ideas on DIY fashion hacks, DIY colourful art, DIY cleaning, DIY nail art and more; Crafty Panda has to on your bookmarks. The videos are simple for both adults and kids, and honestly, you can find anything from the waste lying in your house. Get up and let those creative juices pour down! 

5. Craft Factory

With over one million subscribers, Craft Factory channel has videos on how to make beautiful photo frames, homemade greeting cards, DIY accessories and many more. The best part is that all the videos are simple to follow, fun and is made from the everyday items that can be found at home. Let’s get started!

6. Usefuldiyss

Usefuldiyss is a channel solely dedicated to fun art ideas to spruce up your home. Make fun origami or DIY ideas using socks, fork, chips packet and more. Not only you can decorate your home, but there are videos to make great gifts. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get creative. 

7. DIY Vault

Want to learn the trick of tying a knot either to shoe or wrapping baby? Or a DIY to make a cute makeup pouch that doesn’t require any stitching? Well, don’t look any further! DIY Vault has a lot of videos that are mainly oriented around using food, life hacks, beauty and more. So get all the old clothes, pins and waste out and make the best use of them! 

8. Emma DIY

Emma DIY is the OG of DIY lifestyle blogs. You will find everything from beautiful stationery, tips, hacks, how to make creative things from straws and more. A lot of the videos are all about recycling items along with hacks to make a difference. So all those with creative minds, follow this page and start decorating your space! 

(Featured Image Source: YouTube)



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