From Sweet Pongal to Payasam, Check Out These Amaze Recipes Which You Can Easily Make at Home This Pongal!


Now that we have stepped into the new year, the festivals have already begun! We recently saw Lohri and now it’s time for Pongal. Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu from 15th to 18th January. It is a festival dedicated to the sun god and is one of the most important festivals for people from Tamil Nadu. During this festival season, a variety of rice dishes are prepared in the households. So we got in touch with Chef Ganesh Dhoni from Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla and food blogger Madhuri Aggarwal who shared some yummy and easy to make recipes for Pongal festival.

1. Sweet Pongal By Chef Ganesh Dhoni

2. Vegetable Pongal By Chef Ganesh Dhoni

3. Unniyappam By Chef Ganesh Dhoni

4. Sambar By Chef Ganesh Dhoni

5. Uppina Huggi By Food Blogger Madhuri Aggarwal

6. Hesaru Bele Payasam by Food blogger Madhuri Aggarwal

7. Puran Poli By Food Blogger Madhuri Aggarwal

8. Kosambari By  Food Blogger Madhuri Aggarwal

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/msaggarwal)


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