Entertain Yourself With These Virtual Fun Events & Watch Parties at These Amaze Platforms


We’re sure the ongoing lockdown must have damped your spirits by now. While it’s crucial for all of us to practice social distancing and help the needy in whatever capacity, it’s also true that staying at home can get truly boring. Due to Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have switched to online virtual events from their regular party ones. To give up little heads up, by virtual events we mean live performances, full games, watching movies together, yes all of us this can be done while you are stuck at home. So, scroll down and start bookmarking! 

1. Myscoot

A networking community, MyScoot curates meet-ups for people who are always up to form connections beyond their social circle. And now they have switched to online events. Significant highlights of the week are- musical conversations with celebrity singer Akhil Sachdeva (the voice behind Kabir Singh) and Indie music star Osho Jain.
Through these virtual events, one can interact with these celebrities as well! With the proceeds from some events, Myscoot is donating towards COVID-19 relief efforts through Uday Foundation. To keep and update on their events, follow their social media.

2. Aragma

Aragma is a community that lets you meet new people at low-key house parties. How about playing some virtual games through Whatsapp? Aragma came up with two innovative yet fun games- House Treasure Hunt and Wednesday Trivia. Wednesday Trivia is a chill session to kill the boredom from your mundane work from home routine. So, gather your mind and get competitive with your friends and family virtually! Follow their social media and get started with a game of fun. 

3. Netflix Party

We get it you are dead and tired of scrolling through the homepage of Netflix as you are already done with all the movies and series. Well, Netflix is here to boost you up a bit. They came up with Netflix Party that allows you to Netflix and chill with your friends from any part of the world while staying indoors safe. All you have to do is go to the Netflix party site, add the app to your chrome extension. The app has a chat room where you can talk while enjoying the movie together. It will make you feel as if someone is sitting next to you.

4. Playace

Host or attend unique themed online parties in the cosy environment of your home with Playace. We are sure like us; you also love listening to some entertaining stories, twisting it; they came with Virtual Meet – Theme: ‘Maid’ in Heaven. Sounds crazy, well it is, so get ready to meet other people and share stories about your maids! Apart from this, they have Live Performance by Shivangi and Rishira and other Live Performance by Sudin Nair. We are sorted for the week. What about you? 

5. Houseparty

Have you ever played an online game with a video call with your friends? Well, with the Houseparty app, it is quite possible to do so. One can play several games with your friends, including Heads Up and Quick Draw and Trivia. This is one of the best ways to socialize will you are stuck at home. The Houseparty app lets you integrate your contacts as well as those from your Snapchat or Facebook. So, you can enjoy a bunch group video chat and games. 


Floh is an exclusive, singles dating community in India that lets you meet your special one at an event. During this quarantine time, how about meeting your special one virtually? To keep you entertained, Floh came up with some virtual sessions like taking a trip down the most beautiful memory lane- Childhood music performances and sessions to manage your finances. Grab your snacks and let the madness unfold!

(Featured Image Source: Paperless Post)


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