Celebrate Rajasthan Diwas With Cooking These Mouthwatering Rajasthani Food Recipes at Home


We know with everything going around the world with the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s difficult to lift your spirits up. But we are here to remind you that Rajasthan Diwas is just around- every year it is celebrated on 30th March. Its aim is to showcase Rajasthan’s culture and heritage and revive the traditional sports, cuisines and folk-art. So while we are stuck at home how about cooking some delicious Rajasthani cuisine recipes?
We got in touch with Food Blogger Binjal Panday and Chefs- Karann Talwar and Varun Inamdar who shared some quick and mouthwatering Rajasthani food recipes you can make at home while enjoying the quarantine time.

1. Rajasthani Mirchi Vada by Food Blogger Binjal Pandya

2. Churma Ladoo by Food Blogger Binjal Pandya

3. Khasta Kachori by Food Blogger Binjal Pandya

4. Mohanthal by Food Blogger Binjal Pandya

5. Rajasthani Papad Paneer Kurkuri by Chef Karann Talwar, Managing Director and the Gastronome Chef, Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering, New Delhi

6. Gatte Ki Sabzi by Chef Varun Inamdar

7. Walnuts Ki Kachori by Chef Varun Inamdar


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