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Look Smashing While Staying Busy – 10 Fitness Tips For Career Women

Our media-centered society of today, puts a premium on good health and physical well-being, and this is not something that women can afford to take for granted despite their busy schedules. Neglecting your health can have long-term adverse effects on your health, and as they say, prevention is still always better than the cure. No matter how busy your life may get, there are little changes that you can do to take the step to being a healthier and fitter you. In this special feature New York based celebrity yoga instructor Kristin Mcgee who herself is an inspiring entrepreneur and fitness professional, shares 10 fitness tips for career women. These simple to follow fitness tips for career women are certain to keep you sexy, good looking and fit even while you work around the clock juggling your many hats.

Sachin Tendulkar And The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen In The World Of Sports

On 16 March 2012, at Mirpur in Bangladesh, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar while on the score of 99 scored one run with a flick of his wrists onto the legside. In the game of Cricket, one run is the least that can be scored from a single delivery. However, just like an artistic masterpiece is incomplete without its creator's signature, Sachin Tendulkars 100th century was incomplete without that one run. While there were no arguments about his greatness even before 16 March 2012, post that date, his name got etched in stone as he joined the league of extraordinary gentleman in the world of sports.

What Does Real Beauty Mean To You?

It is a fact that beauty has no single definition, a truth that is echoed by the famous phrase Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder meaning that different individuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful. These differences in perception however are a result of personal experiences, education and perhaps more importantly today than ever before exposure to media. As the responses in the beginning indicate, our understanding of "real beauty" begins to blur as we grow older and then becomes clearer [...]

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Let The Magic Of Yoga Help You “Get Over It”

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