We Caught Up With The OG Roadie, Rannvijay Singh Singha to Talk About Fitness, Fashion And Dating!


Aren’t we all familiar with the famous television personality and VJ Rannvijay Singh Singha? Known for appearing in and winning the first-ever season of MTV Roadies, Rannvijay became a household name as the host of a number of shows on MTV, including Roadies & Splitsvilla! Singha is a man of many talents and apart from being a VJ and host is also an actor and has his own clothing label by the name of Disrupt. We recently caught up with him in the capital city and had a little chat with him about his fitness, food, fashion and more!

Hi Rannvijay. So firstly, why don’t you tell us your fav places in Delhi-NCR!

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Okay, this might sound kind of boring but my favourite place to eat at in Delhi is Burger Singh. I absolutely love their burgers. I have chilled at Cyber Hub in Gurgaon a couple of times before and I love the vibe of that place. When we do go out it’s usually to Cyber Hub because I think its a super fun place and there’s always something or the other going on there so its pretty exciting! Besides that Gurgaon has a lot of these pockets with cool breweries and cafes which I also like exploring.

Can you tell us about your fitness mantra?

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Fitness is actually very subjective. For a lot of people, it could be going to the gym or bodybuilding. I believe fitness is being able to jump, run and basically being capable of performing numerous fitness activities.
So for me, fitness is sports. But if you play a sport and watch what you eat, the bonus is you look good so that’s pretty great. For me, it’s all about building endurance, stamina a lot of hiking playing sports etc. And I did all this for fun, because I enjoy it all and the bi-product is fitness which is a win-win. Basketball is my favourite sport, btw!

And top 5 grooming products which every dude needs to own?

The one company whose products that I swear by is Whiskers for Men. They have this amazing bear oil and a beard wash, those two are a must. A nice face wash is also a must-have and Whiskers for Men has this really cool charcoal facewash. Also, hair serum. With the kind of lifestyle we lead and the amount of product that us men use in our hair, good hair serum is a must. Also, I use some sunscreen every now and then so I think that’s another thing that’s important for men!

Your absolute favourite pair of sneakers?

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My interest in sneakers sparks from my love for sports. And the sport that I play the most is basketball hence I own a lot of basketball shoes such as the Air Jordans. Also, I am the first guy in India to have his own line of sneakers with a brand like Fila. So of course, those are pretty close to my heart. Second is the sneaker that my daughter gifted me (basically my wife, since my daughter was just one) but that’s a really special pair for me.

What would you wear for your go-to everyday casual look?

I love wearing a lot of clothes from my own label Disrupt. We do more of Athleisure wear which looks pretty cool worn casually and also doubles up as sportswear. Which is pretty great. So I love a lot of T-shirts, Joggers and Jeans from Disrupt because those are the clothes which are pretty comfy and also makes it seem like to others that I’ve put a little thought into what I wear.

How about top 3 winter wardrobe essentials every man must own?

You have to have a nice hoodie, a down-feather camo jacket because it’s super warm and camo makes it look fashionable and a nice polo! Polo can be worn from like casual daywear to like when you have to go to dinner or something. And I’m going to shamelessly promote my brands and tell you that all of this is available at Disrupt!

Apart from regular social media/messaging apps, the favourite app on your phone which is super useful?

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I have my own app by my name through which I can connect with my fans. I do a lot of giveaways there. I’ve gone for coffees, ho-karting etc. with my fans and its a great way to connect. Also, the weather app is something I use a lot because I travel so much so I check the weather to know what to pack. I use some fitness apps. And of course some video editing, music and podcast apps.

You are quite hit among the ladies, any dating advice for men out there?

I would say it is super important to respect the woman you’re with. I feel stupid having to say this because its something that should be done without someone having to remind you to do it. No matter how good looking, fit, smart you are, but if you don’t respect the woman or women otherwise, you’re no good. Second, make sure you smell good and are well-groomed. No one likes someone who looks shabby and smells bad.

Any exciting upcoming projects?

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Lots of stuff actually. Splitsvilla is going on right now, which I’m hosting. Then I’m shooting for my web series called Sumair Singh Diaries where I am playing a cop which is why I have this handlebar moustache. I’ve just finished a podcast with an app. Disrupt is coming up with a new line with another celebrity which I can’t disclose right now. But that’s very exciting. Then I’ve started this basketball league called Street Ball League. Legends Cup which is the biggest corporate football cup is starting again and there’s another web series. So yeah, plenty of stuff happening!

Any message to our readers on Diwali? 

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First of all, I want to wish everyone a very happy Diwali. All these festivals are meant to bring your friends and family together so enjoy with them, don’t take them for granted and cherish these moments with them. Enjoy yourself but be safe. And I would request people not to burst crackers, I’ve not burst crackers since I was 8. So not just for money but what are we going to leave for our kids, for the future generations. How can we do that to our animals, they love us unconditionally, how can we put them through the misery of the loud noise and the pollution from the crackers. So please guys, I urge you not to burst crackers and instead use that money to get food/clothes for the people in need. Trust me, that’s going to make you feel a whole lot better!


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