Travel Junkies, Tune Into These Amaze Travel Podcasts For Travel Stories, Tips, Hacks And More!


Travel as a genre is very fascinating. It always grabs attention be it through travel films, travel blogs or travel vlogs. Recently travel has taken over a new medium – travel podcasts! You can literally find a podcast for everything – doling out advice, discussion on movies and books and the list is endless. So, if you’re constantly feeling the wanderlust and if you love yourself an interesting and entertaining podcast, here are 8 travel podcasts that you absolutely need to tune into for travel stories, hacks, incidents, anecdotes and lots more!

1. Musafir Stories

Image Source: Facebook/Musafir Stories

If you’re looking for the inspiration to take the leap of faith, pack your bags and go out to explore the country, Musafir Stories is what you need! With a new guest each episode sharing their incredible travel stories along with travel hacks and advice, this podcast is all the inspiration you need to take that trip you’ve been wanting to since ages!

Where: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more channels

2. reDiscovery Podcast

Image Source: Facebook/reDiscovery Project

A couple quit their jobs to travel and explore India through its people, history, cultures and communities and took it upon themselves to document their experiences. The reDiscovery Podcast is the result of that. On this podcast, Hoshner and Ambika talk about the challenges they faced while travelling, some funny anecdotes and show you an India that you didn’t know existed!

Where: Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and more channels

3. Amateur Traveler

Image Source: Facebook/Amateur Traveler

Hosted by Chris Christensen, a.k.a. The Amateur Traveler, the podcast acts as a simple location guide. Chris brings in an expert at every location to give an in-depth interview about the destination. With over 600 episodes, you can literally tune into the Amateur Travel podcast for everything you need to know about your next vacay destination.

Where: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more channels

4. Zero to Travel

Image Source: Facebook/Zero To Travel

The best podcast there is for nomadic travellers, you’ve absolutely got to tune into Zero to Travel if you haven’t already! This podcast is packed with travel tips and advice for everyone from nomads to travel newbies. Travel junkies, we’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two by tuning into Zero to Travel!

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more channels

5. Jump

Image Source: Facebook/Travelling Jackie

With an impressive story of how she herself got hooked to travelling, travelling Jackie’s podcast Jump will inspire you to take the leap in more ways than one! This sho is your one-stop-shop for travel advice and inspiration and we assure you, it’s going to help you in ways you cannot even imagine!

Where: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other channels

6. The Globe Trotter Lounge

Image Source: Facebook/Jet Set Lisette

Award-winning podcast host and travel expert Lisette host The Globe Trotter Lounge podcast and it is all the motivation and inspiration you need to plan your next travel! The podcast especially helps empower women to find innovative and creative ways to travel and with all of Lisette’s hilarious anecdotes, is truly inspiring!

Where: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other channels

7. Travel Tales

Image Source: Facebook/Travel Tales Podcast

Hosted by comedian and travel junkie Mike Seigal, Travel Tales highlights the best and worst experience travel has to offer! If you’re desperately looking for something to uplift your mood on a gloomy day at work, tune into Travel Tales and listen to Mike as he hits the road and talks to locals while experiencing a place. You’ll almost as if like you’re on a vacay yourself!

Where: Apple Podcasts and more channels

8. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Image Source: Backpacker Travel

A show for travel lovers The Thoughtful Travel Podcast with Amanda Kendle is packed with travel stories from fellow travel junkies. They address topics like foreign languages, meeting the locals, getting lost and a lot more and also offer insight into what they’ve learnt from their travels!

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more channels

Featured Image Source: The Travel Woman


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