If Reading is Something You’ve Taken up During The Lockdown, Then Join These Online Book Clubs


A lot of us have taken up different hobbies during the lockdown. While some have taken up gardening, cooking, painting etc., a lot of people have gone back to their love for reading. Well, there are tons of interactive online book clubs that help you to read, discuss and provide suggestions to each other about books. Book clubs are a perfect way to keep learning and talk about what you are currently reading and make friends with other readers. So, we have listed out the best online book clubs that will help you to gain knowledge about books from other readers. 

1. Delhi Book Club

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Reviewing books since 2008, Delhi Book Club has been one of the favourites. The Facebook group is a hub for all the discussion and updates on the books to discuss only books. Delhi Book Club members are open to all kinds of suggestions for which genre books to read. Join in today and happy reading! 

2. Oprah’s Book Club

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You just can’t talk about nationwide books clubs without adding Oprah’s Book Club. It’s a book discussion club that highlights all the books chosen by the host Oprah Winfrey. Started in 1996, she selects a new book, usually a novel for all the views and then read and discusses that every month Isn’t something to tune in? 

3. Indian Book Club

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Bookworms, the Indian Book Club is for all the passionate readers. One can share their recommendations, reviews and also can share personalised posts such as their special edition finds, book collections. One can even sell there already read books through this. You will also find deals and offers on books on the internet here. 

4. Quarantine Book Club

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Stuck at home, catch up with your favourite author. Every weekday, the Quarantine Book Club hosts Zoom talks with a variety of authors, from Myriam Gurba to Heather B. Armstrong. With this group, one can connect with authors and talk about their books and can even ask for their suggestions on the next book. We found this platform one of the most entertaining one. What about you? 

5. Silent Book Club

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Started in 2012, the Silent Book Club is one of the active Facebook groups that let you give book recommendations and share books related to personal stories. Because of this lockdown, The Silent Book Club is hosting virtual book club meetups around the world. Whether you are a non-fiction reader or a fiction lover looking to delve into the book world, this group welcomes both types of readers. 

6. Reese’s Book Club

Image Source: Strong Women

It is one of the top picks when it comes to choosing book clubs—initiated by Reese Witherspoon, every month she picks up one of the books with a strong female character and talks about that. She even holds regular discussions and interviews with the authors. One of the best bit about joining this group is that she picks a book with a specific topic that is deemed severe. We have been following her since forever. What about you? 

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