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Uniting The World With Yoga – An Exclusive Interview With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee, Part – 1

It is an ancient science that was crafted by the gods with the purpose of keeping all human beings fit and healthy. This science makes a person “aware” of oneself by uniting the body, mind and soul. It is known around the world as “Yoga“. In today’s fast paced world, each one of us has so many desires and wishes and the only way one can work towards fulfilling them is to stay away from all kinds of health problems. [...]

Sleeping Your Way To Fitness

Weight Loss“, is a scary two letter word that is almost always on the minds of young women and very often leads to a multitude of issues in both men and women. Exercise, Dieting, Avoiding fatty food etc are the most common terms that come to mind on hearing these words. Well, as we have talked about before (check here), weight-loss or maintaining the right weight is more about having the proper kind of lifestyle rather than crash-dieting and trying [...]

The Smart Way To Lose Weight, Part 2

We are back with Part 3 of our weight loss series. You can checkout the earlier posts on this series below The Smart Way To Lose Weight – I The Smart Way To Lose Weight – II We continue with our weight loss tips which were started in Part – II. That’s it, I’m Done: At this point you are probably thinking to yourself, “how the hell would I reduce weight if I never diet and eat whatever I want“. [...]

The Smart Way To Lose Weight, Part 1

It’s the year 2008, and the world today is almost towards the end of the 1st decade of the 21st century. These 8 years have seen tremendous progress on various fronts such as technology, health care, lifestyle, entertainment etc. Despite the many advancements there are still certain areas which haven’t seen too much progress. Most of these are related to the health care and that just goes to show to the complexity of the human body. Today one of the [...]

Delhi Planet Weekends – Understanding Women, The Ladder Theory Way

A few years ago Mel Gibson tried to reveal the secrets of the female mind in the movie What Women Want. In the movie Gibson played out the role of Nick Marshall, a male chauvinist ad executive who gets the power to hear the thoughts of women. Now isn’t that a power that we’d all like to have especially if one lived in a vibrant city like New York or Amsterdam (New York City was actually a 17th century Dutch [...]

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