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Health And Wellness: The Power Of Meditation, Part 1

A DelhiPlanet Health And Wellness Exclusive, In Association With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee "I Don't need to meditate, I have a good life.", "Nah, Meditation...

Venezuela And The Beauty Economy: A Look Into The Thriving Beauty Industry Of Venezuela

Despite all it's problems and troubles Venezuela has made it's mark in the world and is known as the land having the most beautiful women in the world. It has the distinction of winning five Miss World pageant titles (the most by any country and tied with India which also has five) as well as five Miss Universe pageant titles. It is one of the few countries of the world which has a thriving beauty economy which has now become Venezuela’s second biggest industry after oil. So how do the beauty queens from Venezuela manage to shine on the world stage [...]

Uniting The World With Yoga – An Exclusive Interview With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee, Part – 2

We’re back with the last and final part of our exclusive interview with the amazing Kristin Mcgee. If you’re new to yoga and are looking for a place to start then look no further cause with Kristin McGee’s invigorating yoga techniques you’ll find yourself on the road to fitness much earlier than you imagined. You can catch our previous coverage on Kristin and her yoga programs at the following links: Uniting The World With Yoga : An Interview With Kristin [...]

Uniting The World With Yoga – An Exclusive Interview With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee, Part – 1

It is an ancient science that was crafted by the gods with the purpose of keeping all human beings fit and healthy. This science makes a person “aware” of oneself by uniting the body, mind and soul. It is known around the world as “Yoga“. In today’s fast paced world, each one of us has so many desires and wishes and the only way one can work towards fulfilling them is to stay away from all kinds of health problems. [...]

Sleeping Your Way To Fitness

Weight Loss“, is a scary two letter word that is almost always on the minds of young women and very often leads to a multitude of issues in both men and women. Exercise, Dieting, Avoiding fatty food etc are the most common terms that come to mind on hearing these words. Well, as we have talked about before (check here), weight-loss or maintaining the right weight is more about having the proper kind of lifestyle rather than crash-dieting and trying [...]

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