About Delhi Planet

DelhiPlanet.com is a part of Sulit Media Private Limited. Inspired by DailyPlanet from the SuperMan Comics, DelhiPlanet was launched in 2007 by Kris Dhingra. It reports on the latest ideas, thoughts, trends, and facts from India and around the Globe. It has close to 400 articles on a variety of content areas ranging from technology, business, and sports to investigative research, astrology, and interviews with high achievers from around the globe.

We create social news experiences covering interesting trends, facts, news and people from India and the rest of the world. Given the name, we do have a bias for Delhi and are always looking to cover news on the most happening events in the city.

Sulit Media also owns GlobalMasala.com, the world’s first entertainment news and celebrity gossip publication featuring content from both Hollywood and Bollywood.

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