Did You Know The First & Only Museum Dedicated to Fries is Located in a 14th Century Building in Belgium?


Have you ever wondered while biting those crispy golden fries, whom should we thank for this excellent munching snack? Well, wonder no more, we found it, the world’s first and only potato fries museum! As hard as it may be to believe, there’s an actual museum dedicated to fries! Called The Frietmuseum (Fries museum) in Bruges, Belgium, it is devoted to the history of potatoes and the production of Belgian fries. Scroll down to know more about this museum. 

History of The Frietmusuem 

Located in Belgium, The Frietmusem is the first and only museum dedicated to potato fries. The museum is dedicated to the history of potatoes and the production of fries (Belgian fries, french fries, fries).

Founded in 2008 by Eddy Van Belle, he came to the conclusion that there was no museum dedicated to fries and this encouraged him to open the Frietmuseum. The museum traces the history of the fry, from Andean potatoes to Belgium’s iconic paper cones of crispy, hot Pommes Frites.

Previously, Eddy Van Belle opened two other museums in Belgium, both based in one building: Choco-Story, dedicated to Belgium’s chocolate industry, and Lumina Domestica, housing Van Belle’s 6,500-piece collection of lamps.

Description About The Building 

The museum is located inside a 14-the century building called the Saihalle. Founders Cedric and Eddy Van Belle have assembled a collection of art, equipment and artefacts there. This building is one of the oldest in the World Heritage list historic centre of Bruges. Throughout the 15th century, the building was used as a base for the activities of Genoese merchants. Just before the museum’s opening in 2008, it underwent renovation work for a year and a half, including restoration of the façade. 

Inside The Frietmusuem 

The museum sprawls across two floors inside the Medieval city’s oldest building, but it is divided into three parts-
A section explaining the history of the potato; another specifically on the fry as it is known today; and, of course, an area for sampling and snacking. 

On the ground floor, you can learn about the history of the potato, which originated in Peru more than 10,000 years ago. And on the first floor, one can discover the history of the fries and how they came to Belgium and of course, in the basement of the building, there’s a cafe where you can taste a variety of fries. Also, the exhibits include photographs, historical potato peelers and chip-making machines, and video outlining how to make those perfect fries.
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