International Earth Day: Watch These Eye-Opening Documentaries on Mother Earth & Climate Change Today!


22nd of April is annually observed as International Earth Day. The day highlights environmentalism and the importance to protect our mother Earth from further depletion. And today it marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The theme for this year Earth Day is climate action, as global warming triggered by climate change has affected the planet adversely. We all know it well. This event tries to highlight the need for urgent action globally. To celebrate this day and spread awareness, we have curated a list of 7 documentaries on climate change that you should be watching today. 

1. Our Planet

This phenomenal 8 part documentary from Netflix is produced in alliance with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, it explores a different global ecosystem from oceans to icebergs to deserts to the jungle to forests. Based on how climate change has affected our planet, each of the episodes shows how we can combat this permanent degradation. 

2. Before The Flood

In association with the National Geographic, the movie is co-produced by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The documentary talks about climate change and explores a world in search of the effects of global warming with also offering several ways to fight all the consequences. Apart from Leonardo, the film also shows scientist, activists and world leaders who talk about the crises with the actor. 

3. The 11th Hour

It’s a documentary film by Leonardo Dicaprio, on the state of the Earth and the challenges posed by climate change. Through interviews with politicians, experts in the scientific field and prominent activists, the documentary seeks to convince the viewers that our planet is in danger and the action is needed to be taken immediately if we have to reverse all the consequences. 

4. Chasing Ice

The documentary follows James Balog to the arctic ice caps of Iceland, Alaska and Greenland with scientists and experts who are trying to keep a record of the effects of the rising temperatures. On this breath-taking journey, James himself begins to see the harsh realities of our mother planet Earth. Moreover, the documentary received an Oscar nomination for the images that were captured during the making. 

5. A Beautiful Planet

A Beautiful Planet showcases the view of planet mother earth from the perspective of those who are on board with the International Space Station. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, the documentary will surely leave you in awe of our blue planet. The documentary majorly highlights the changes our mother Earth has gone through over the years and explains all the adverse effects that humans have had on it.

6. 2040

It’s a 2019 Australian documentary starring and directed by Damon Gameau. The documentary looks at all the effects of climate change over the next 20 years and what technologies that exists can reverse the effects. It intends to explore alternatives for a sustainable future ranging from new forms of animal farming to agriculture to ecological mobility. 

7. An Inconvenient Truth

To raise awareness on climate change, there’s no better documentary than An Inconvenient Truth. Explaining how humans have messed up the planet Former presidential candidate Al Gore issues an urgent warning on what must be done to save our planet earth. The documentary had won several awards including the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and two Oscars. 

(Featured Image Source: Decider)


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