Customize Everything From Bags to Lamps Through This Amaze Webstore


We all know how much customized and personalized items mean in one’s life. When you think of customized things, the first thing that comes to our mind is stationery, right? But the have you ever thought to customize your bags or lamps. Suprised don’t be as Zwende; the webstore lets you do that. Scroll down to know what all you can add to your cart!

All About Zwende

Zwende is the brainchild of Sujay and Innu that was initiated in April 2017. Through Zwende, online shopping has become more accessible and more seamless than offline shopping. They have been by providing fully customizable, hand-crafted products at the same cost as the designs one. Isn’t it something to cherish about? 

We all are always on the lookout for something that has our traits and touch. Zwende has made everything customize be it fashion and home decor – bags, lampshades, travel accessories, stationery or more, they do it according to your taste. 

What All Is There In-Store? 

All the items are themed according to your preferences. Fashion, home decor, accessories, name it, and they have it. Have you ever thought about how would a lamp with your name will look like? Yes, you can’t get it here. Nameboards, wall clock, wall art, sling bags, laptop sleeves, say and they will customize it. 

Also, they have a separate category of personalized goodies like wallets, name boards, women’s wallets, card cases and travel accessories. You can get your name, sun sign, nickname or any sign which you have been waiting for so long. 

Yes, They Have Online Workshops Too!

If you this is it, then wait up! Zwende also holds online live masterclasses and workshops, which might interest you. Watercolor Lettering, Meditative Mandalas, Pearl Coaster, Clay Modeling, Doodling Art and more. All you have to do is register through their website and make the most of their unique classes and workshops during lockdown!

Order these goodies soon for yourself, and you can even gift them to your loved ones! We are sure like us you will also love them! 

Contact: +91 9381114284

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/zwendedesign)


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