From Ramayana to Shaktiman— Our Favourite Childhood Series Are Back on TV to Make The Lockdown Bearable!


The 21-day nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak is definitely taking its toll on us. It’s not easy to stay inside the confines of one’s home day after day. But of course, we all are in it together, doing it to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. And to make the lockdown tad bit more bearable, thankfully our favourite childhood series are returning on television! From Ramayana, Shaktiman to Khichdi, scroll down to know about which are series are returning to TV.

1. Ramayana 

On public demand, after 32 years, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan is back on TV. It’s an Indian mythological television series based on Valmiki’s Ramayan and Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas. The series follows the journey of Lord Ram who goes to an exile of 14 years along with Goddess Sita and Lakshman. Come on, admit it, we all love it!

Where: DD National

Time: 9 AM To 10 AM And 9 PM To 10 PM

2. Mahabharat

Based on the Hindu epic of the same name, Mahabharat by B.R. Chopra, will take you back to your childhood days. Mahabharat is about the great battle of Kurukshetra that was fought between two collateral branches of a family- the Pandavas and the Kauravas. However, the divine avatar of Lord Vishnu, Krishna, intervenes. It’s time to relive your childhood and brush up your history a bit. 

Where: DD Bharati

Time: 12 PM and 7 PM

3. Shaktimaan

This Indian superhero played by Mukesh Khanna was the symbol of hope for every child during the time of 90s. From Shaktimaan’s costume to his merchandise to his gestures, everything about him was crazy for every child. His dialogues like ‘Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai‘, ‘Andhera kayam rahe’, and ‘choti choti magar moti baatein‘ are still iconic. 

Where: DD National  

Time: 1 PM

4. CID

One of the most popular shows, CID had actor Shivaji Satam who played the lead role of Pradhyuman has been quite popular because of its hardcore and intriguing crime investigation stories. ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Dr Salunkhe, Abhijeet and the entire team of CID had wonderfully solved all kinds of crimes for almost two decades. Are you ready for Daya to break yet another door?

Where: Sony TV

Time: 10 AM

5. Aahat

If you are one of those who loves watching horror movies, then you must have seen Sony’s popular TV show, Aahat. It’s a collection of stories that revolve around people who have experienced paranormal activities, frightening entities or supernatural elements. And those who are living alone, well, watch them at your own risk. This is the OG horror series of TV!

Where: Sony TV

Time: 12 AM

6. Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

The popular romantic drama serial, Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, is a love story set in the 90s era between two classmates Sameer and Naina. They bump into each other in the 1990s in Ahmedabad and after that, they develop a close bond as their friendship blossoms into a love story. 

Where: Sony TV

Time: 10:30 AM

7. Hum Paanch

The family comedy, Hum Paanch, revolves around a middle-class family of a husband-wife and five daughters. The twisted comedy in the show was the man converses with the ghost of his late first-wife through a photo. The cast of the show included Priya Tendulkar, Ashok Saraf, Shoma Anand, Amita Nangia among others.

Where: Zee TV

Time: 12 PM

8. Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat

ALTBalaji latest web series, Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat starring Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. The story revolves around a superstar Karan Khanna (Ram), who falls in love with his counsellor Dr Tripurasundari Nagrajan (Sakshi). The shows the complexities of relationships and how two different individuals fall in love and sail through difficult times. Those who haven’t watched this earlier, this is going to be a sweet surprise for you! 

Where: Zee TV

Time: 9 PM To 10 PM

9. Byomkesh Bakshi 

One of the most loved shows from the 1990s, this one stars several talented actors who went ahead and got featured in prominent films. The story reloves around the critically acclaimed TV character Byomkesh Bakshi, the Bengali detective who investigated mysterious cases with his friend Ajit Bandyopadhyay. All the 90s kids, it’s time to sit back and enjoy this mysterious storyline once again! 

Where: DD National

Time: 11 AM

10. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh was one of the most classic sit-com depicting the story of the Diwan family featuring Shekhar Suman, Navin Nischol, Farida Jalal, Bhavana Balsavar, Urvashi Dholakia and more. It is based on the family with three generations and how each of them faced the ups and downs in life with a comic backdrop.

Where: DD National

Time: 6 PM

11. Mowgli

Baloo bear and Bagheera along with your favourite Mowgli will be blessing your TV screens. The TV show Mowgli has been every kid’s favourite character among kids genre that it has now become an ideal choice. We still remember listening and signing to “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai, Pata Chala hai” in our childhood days. What about you? 

Where: DD National

Time: 1 PM

12. Fauji

Before everyone’s favourite Left Right Left, there was Fauji which followed the journey of army recruits. Also, it was the debut of Shah Rukh Khan, so do you still need another reason to rerun this show? From the pranks they play on each other to the punishments or their daily struggles, Fauji depicts the life of commandos in the Indian Army. 

Where: DD National 

Time: 8 PM

 13. Shreeman-Shreemati

It’s an Indian comedy TV series that revolves around four characters, Prema Shalini and Dilruba and their neighbouring couple of Keshav Kulkarni and his wife, Kokila. This light-hearted comedy revolves when they try their best to flirt with and get closer to each other’s wives. We are super excited to re-watch this comedy show. 

Where: DD National

Time: 4 PM

14. Hostages

The crime thriller, Hostages stars Tisca Chopra, and Ronit Roy revolves around Surgeon Dr Mira Anand (Tisca) who is scheduled to perform a routine operation on the chief minister. Still, the night before the procedure, her family is taken into hostage, and she is ordered to kill her patient to save her family. If you haven’t seen it yet, book your time slot. 

Where: Star Plus

Time: 9:30 PM

15. Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

With the right amount of charm, sarcasm, wit, and humour, Sarabhai VS Sarabhai paved ways into the hearts of the Indian audience. The show revolved around the life of an upper-class Gujarati family, the Sarabhai’s. However, there is a constant conflict between Monisha and her in-laws due to her middle-class background in a fun comedy way. We are sure this is undoubtedly one of your favourite shows. 

Where: Star Bharat

Time: 10 AM

16. Khichdi

How can we miss out on our all-time favourite tv show, Khichdi? It’s the story about a Gujrati family, the Parekhs, who have a unique identity of their own. Babuji being the eldest member of the family and the only sane one. The couple- Praful and Hansa are one of the main reasons why Babuji is frustrated all the time. We are sure just by the names you felt a bit of nostalgia, right? 

Where: Star Bharat

Time: 11 AM

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