World Doula Week Series – Urshita Saini’s Journey From a Birth Photographer to a Doula


For the uninitiated, we are currently in the World Doula Week, which is celebrated annually from 22nd March to 28th March on a global level. And we recently told you all about why is this week celebrated, what is a doula and what’s the difference between a doula and a midwife. According to WebMD, “A doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support to you during your pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas are not medical professionals. They don’t deliver babies or provide medical care. A certified doula has taken a training program and passed an exam in how to help pregnant women and their families during this exciting but challenging experience.”
And if you are someone who’s on their way to becoming parents or are planning to be one, then knowing all about a doula may be a great idea. And this World Doula Week we got in touch with one such lady, who’s had a really interesting journey of becoming a doula herself.

Following is the video where Urshita describes her journey of becoming a doula.

From Birth Photographer to a Doula

Urshita is a childbirth photographer turned doula now. And she told us about her exciting journey, “While I was a birth photographer, I was trained in the nuances of how a labour delivery room & OT works. But my training was always limited to the area I was working in. I was always in a discreet corner taking pictures. There were experiences when the husband couldn’t be inside the room.
So the mother was surrounded by so many in such an emotionally charged situation and there is nobody that she recognises. And I was the only person she knew- she had met me, had had conversations with me. So a lot of times my clients would look at me for some kind of support and encouragement- that you got this! That is when I realised that if somehow I could just understand what the emotions are. Because I know what the technicalities are for birth but I couldn’t understand the emotions since I am not a mother myself. And that is when I decided to become a doula and understand the little details.”
If Urshita’s journey has inspired you and you too want to explore how to become a doula, then keep watching this space. We’ll soon be telling you about that as well.


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