Stay Fit With These Virtual Fitness Classes Even as You Practice Self Isolation at Home


The current scenario with the COVID-19 outbreak definitely seems like an apocalyptic fictional novel. The only difference is, sadly we are actually living amidst it. We understand that it is very difficult to wrap your head around all this. But in such a scenario, it becomes all the more important to stay fit- both mentally and physically. And of course, a fit body leads to a fit mind. So, we have mapped out some of the best fitness studios that have started with their virtual classes, looking at the current situation.

1. Yasmin Karachiwala

We are sure she doesn’t need any introduction. Yasmin Karachiwala is one of the pioneers when it comes to Pilates in India and her classes will make you go awe. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kriti Sanon undergoes training under her. To get your daily dose of exercise, follow her on social media and join the live workout. Yasmin’s workouts will keep you positive and happy through this stressful period. 

2. CureFit

The right thing to do is stay at home, even better thing to do is working out. CureFit has introduced their live online classes from cardio, yoga to even dance lessons to make sure you stay fit while being in isolation. The classes are designed for each and everyone right from a beginner, intermediate to an advanced. All of their workouts revolve around using your body weight and requires no use of equipment. Go and download their app rn! 

3. Namrata Purohit

If you are not the lover of gyms but have a soft corner for Pilates, then Namrata Purohit is where you need to head for staying safe. Her virtual sessions go live on her social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. All you need is a mat, good internet connection and your body to workout with Namrata. Get, set, go!

4. Fitsu Fitness

Do you follow famous lifestyle blogger Juhi Godambe, then you would know about Fitsu Fitness. They specialise in providing custom made fitness solutions in your comfort zone. From chest to legs, from butt to abs to butt, do workout visually with Suraj Bangera, Founder of Fitsu Fitness. The session starts with a warm-up and stretching routines to ensure you exercise in the right way. Isn’t it something of your interest? 

5. Radhika Karle

Celebrity Pilates trainer Radhika Karle is your answer to all your fitness queries. It’s time to get your mats ready for an Instagram live Pilates session with Radhika. It is sone such fitness workout that helps you to stay fit and healthy – from the inside – while it keeps your body well-toned from the outside. So, join the live session by her for fit body and lifestyle! 

6. Crush Fitness

Sign up to virtual personal training with Crush Fitness and get your immunity up, body moving and beat the Corona blues! With workouts focusing on chest, legs, abs, calves and back, Crush Fitness should be your go-to place for all your fitness need. The live sessions can be streamed on your mobile phones, and TV screens too, all you have to do is sign up!

7. Choreo N Concept

How about learning dance live with amazing trainers? With the outbreak of Coronavirus, Choreo N Concept started with their regular LIVE – Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Bollywood Workout program for everyone. Step by Step sessions will be provided so that you don’t miss out on anything. We are taking up this. What about you? 

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