Indulge in That Stress Relieving Bath With These Amazing Bath Bomb Brands & Turn Your Home Into a Spa!


We all are trying to sail through this ongoing health crisis due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are seeing our friends and family take up innovative hobbies like reading, crafts, gardening etc. But in these trying times, relaxing your body is equally important. So, we have handpicked some of the fantastic bath bomb brands that have amaze bath bombs. Maybe it’s time to indulge in that long, relaxing bath after all!

1. Aura De Purity

It’s time to draw some cosmic vibes from nature and universe into your bathtub and feel out of the world with Aura De Purity bath bombs. Just drop their ‘Sleep’ bath bomb into your tub while it fills and enjoy a pink and bubbly bubble bath. The soothing fragrance and moisturizing oils will give you an unmatched spa experience at home only. It will leave you with a fresh frangrance all day! 

2. The Body Shop

It’s time to immerse your body into relaxation with some bath treats by The Body Shop. Their Bath Bombs come in a beautifully wrapped in 6 scents, such as coconut, mango, pink grapefruit, green tea, moringa and strawberry. Every bath bomb contains fresh essence, so you can enjoy a soothing spa treatment at home whenever you want.

3. Patisserie De Bain

Don’t be fooled by its exquisite appearance; it’s a bath bomb and not a cupcake! Patisserie De Bain’s bombs give off a yummy scent of cream and fresh fruits. Take your pick from flavours such as Strawberry, Cherry, Sugared Violet, Lemon Bon and more. The infused bath bombs leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Plus, doesn’t their cute packaging make it the perfect gift?

4. Rose & Co. 

Choose from floral and fruity flavours of bath bombs from Rose & Co. enriched with Shea Butters. They have vegan bath bomb made for both kids and adults. Say goodbye to stress with this colourful cupcake beauty in your bubble bath. The aroma leaves you fresh the entire day, so happy bath, peeps! 

5. Seychelles Incense

As fancy as the name, the bath bombs are just unmissable! With a mix of aromatic essential oils and salt, Seychelles Incense’s bath bombs make a perfect getaway to your bath time. The bubble bath will provide you with relaxation and will relive your body and mind from all kind of stress. It’s a handmade product that dissolves quickly and does not leave any residue behind. So, relax and enjoy your superior bathing experience while sipping wine. 

6. Hugo Naturals

The fizzy bath bombs by Hugo Naturals are the perfect companion for a summertime bath! Infused with essentials oils it moisture, soothe your skin while you are relaxing in a bubble bath. You can pick variants of bath bombs in flavours like Charcoal Coconut, Creamy Coconut, Grapefruit Orange, Rose Sandalwood, Lavender Vanilla and more. Once you drop the bath bomb under the warm running water, it releases nourishing essential oils.

(Featured Image Source: scholastic)


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