Take Your Pick From These Thoughtful Gifts And Surprise Your Boo This Valentine’s Day!


We know shopping for your loved ones, especially for Valentine’s Day, can be quite a pain! All of us want our gift to be the most special one and stand out, right? So, if you still haven’t picked one out for your boo, then check our these sweet and thoughtful gifts you can give your partner this V-Day!

1. Essentials Oils From neoVeda

Spoil your loved ones with the ‘loveable collection’ from neoVeda by Craft House, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa. Their collection has essential exotic oils like Pigmentation Reduce, Acne Reduce, Wrinkle Reduce, Radiance Kumkumadi and Glow Essential Oils. Apart from this, you can even gift you BAE’ Hand Care Kit’ that consists of 3 products Shea Butter, Jojoba & Cinnamon Cream, Skin Young Soap and Skin Soft Soap.

2. Grooming Products From House of Beauty & O3plus

Ladies, you should get this one for your men. Surprise him with Black Roller (comes with face serum to keep the face toned) and Guasha (to reduce puffiness hangover eyes) from the House of Beauty. And guys, you can gift your girl 24kt Face Massager and Glow Oil, and give her the pampering she deserves. And when it comes to pampering the skin, O3+ comes to rescue. Gift your loved one’s Chocolate Glow Mask, Honey Glow and Watermelon Serum from O3+ and trust us it will bring a smile to their face.

3. A Short Trip To Bir Billing

Image Source: Tripoto

How about just you and your boo take some time off and drive away from the hectic life. This 13th-16th of February, share an unforgettable experience with your partner, with Insider’s Bir Billing Paragliding in Kangara. Trust us, this is going to be a perfect getaway for Valentine’s weekend!

4. A Smartwatch From UBON

Image Source: Business Standard

There’s no better gift in the world than the gift of health, especially for your loved one. So, gift your boo this smartwatch from UBON to keep them fit and healthy. You can buy the UBON SW-11 smartwatch that boasts tons of features at an affordable price! It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts as it has an activity tracker, blood pressure monitor, calorie counter and goal completion reminder.

5. Get Your Memories Framed From Huppme

Frame your romantic memories in this beautiful wooden photo frame from Huppme. All it needs is the customization of your most favourite pictures, your initials and a sweet message you want in the frame. It’s time to transfer all your crazy photos to one frame!

6. Cute Stationery From Paperholic & UBON

If you feel that your partner has everything, so you have no idea what to gift them, then trust us, stationery is your best bet! Because there is no such thing as too many cute notebooks. And Paperholic’s collection of planner and notepads are just unmissable! And if your partner is a tech-savvy, then UBON came up with ‘Wireless Charger Notebook’. This diary has a unique design with a stylish and sturdy fabric with V8 cable which is easy to carry. So, if your partner is a scribbler or into planners & organisers, then make sure you gift them these.

7. Customized Balloon Hampers From Sprinklez ~ The Party Buzz

Ditch those cliches red roses and chocolates and check Sprinklez’s customized balloon hampers to gift your boo! All these balloon hampers are tailored according to your needs from a wide range of gifting favours. Get hold of these gorgeous hampers curated with love.

8. Makeup From KIKO Milano & Revlon

All you gorgeous ladies out there, it’s true that you look beautiful with or without makeup. But for that extra oomph and stylish look, makeup can work like magic! Boys, surprise your girl with KIKO Milano’s new collection- ‘Magnetic Attraction’ which has lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow, scent and lip scrub. You can also check out Revlon’s super lustrous lipsticks. Trust us, your boo will love it for sure!

9. Precious Jewels From RESA Fine Jewellery

Diamonds are every girls first choice! So, this valentine’s day gift her a bracelet from RESA Fine Jewellery. This gorgeous looking bracelet will bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

(Featured Image Source: bradsdeals.com)


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