Add a Little Quirk Factor to Your Living Area by Adding Cutesy Bean Bags From These Amaze Brands!


If you ask us, the best and cheapest way to make your living space a little funky and laidback is by adding bean bags to it! And why not? They come in quirky prints, are super comfy and you can practically lounge around them all day long! So, how about relaxing on a bean bag while watching your favourite show on Netflix? Sounds like a relaxing and ‘ME’ time, right? So, check out these amaze brands where you can order comfy and quirky bean bags!

1. Crafinno

Crafinno offers you a wide range of handcrafted & eco-friendly bean bags. Each of their bean bags is handcrafted in 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable pure cotton canvas. They stock everything you need to create cosy heaven! We can’t take our eyes off from Moochy Blues bean bag!

2. Cool Bean Bags

Are you planning a makeover for your house and make room for your game zone area? Then try Cool Bean Bag’s football collection, which is perfect for any sports fanatic. With comfortable seating, they come in different shapes and sizes that suit for various purposes. What are you waiting for, go and grab yours!

3. Urbanloom

Known for their handcrafted cotton bean bags, Urbanloom is one of the favourite brands when it comes to buying home decor items. From football-shaped to lounger bean bags, name it, and you will find it here. Along with bean bags, you can also add footstool to make your seating comfier!

4. Orka Bean Bag

If you are one of those who doesn’t settle for anything but funkiest home decor items, then Orka’s Bean Bags fits the bill perfectly! From just plain simple to coloured prints to Bollywood prints, they have covered it all. Cute and comfy, we are going in for a complete set!

5. The Fluffy Company

The Fluffy Company proves that all goods things come in all shapes and sizes. If you haven’t checked out their bean bags collection, then you are surely missing out on something! From kids collection to bean bag chairs to squishy bean bags, they have it all. We love their Fluco Pod, which is perfect for kids! What one is your pick?

6. Cozy Bean Bags

Square, round or multicolour, name it and Cozy Bean Bags have it all! Their bean bag sofas are just perfect if you have a game zone area at your home. They are cute and comfy at the same time. Do you know the best part? All of it is pretty affordable. So, go and pick yours as it’s time to revamp your home space.

7. Mollismoons

Known for their faux fur bean bags, they are super soft, light and comfortable to sit on. These faux fur bean bags only come in solid colours like black, grey, white, red, brown and more. Add these cute and light fur bean bags to your living area to make it look super chic!

(Featured Image Source: The Independent)


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