Take Your Tiny Tots to This Fun Place in Dwarka Which Offers Cockpit Tours, Training on Air Travel Safety & More!


As kids, we all dream of fancy professions- doctor, engineers, astronauts and even pilots! Yes! All the flying enthusiasts out there, it is now time for you to actually fulfil your flying dream! Called Aeroplanet, at this awesome place in Dwarka, you get to experience flying an actual aeroplane and learn all about safety drills, emergency landings and more! In fact, it seems to be the perfect place for your tiny tots to learn about air travel safety and enjoy at the same time. Scroll down to know more about this unique place.

What Is Aeroplanet India? 

Aeroplanet is the place which offers you an amazing experience of flying in an actual plane! It’s actually a unique facility that lets you board real-life aeroplanes which you make you feel as if you are travelling by air without actually leaving the ground. From checking out the cockpit to learning how to deal with on-board emergencies, there’s a lot your kids can learn here. 
Yes, you heard it right, its children’s recreation picnic program is specially designed for students of age groups between 2-18 years.

Who’s Behind This Idea

Its the brainchild of Mr. B.C Gupta, an Ex Aircraft Engineer who found his passion for aircraft and came up with this place. His wife, Dr. Nirmal Jindal, an associate professor supported in the mission of safe flight and human security. To make it more interesting they thought to make the training sessions in a play way style. 

What All To Do Here?

Two real aircraft – Airbus A300 (300-seater) and CRJ200 (50-seater) are placed at the centre. You can walk into the cockpit and learn flying first hand. It’s also a great picnic spot for kids as they can learn all about air travel safety and etiquette. Original equipment like doors, windows, oxygen masks, and safety jackets are used to give kids real-life aircraft feel. Isn’t it really cool?

Trampolines, Trolley Rides & More!

If you thought that your kids will only get an experience of the aeroplanes then you are mistaken! They offer a bunch of activities- trampolines, balance bars, rope trolley rides, and indoor court for cricket and football. Trust us, this place is quite popular amongst the younger crowd!

Where: CCAT Complex, Opp. CRPF Camp, Block-A, Bagdola, Sector-8, Dwarka, New Delhi

Contact: 9312200335

Timings: 9:00 To 5:00 PM

(Featured Image Source: aeroplanetindia.com)


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