This Dessert Place in Punjabi Bagh & GK Does Moti Chur & Gulab Jamun Flavoured Ice Creams And We’re Already Drooling!


All the peeps with a sweet tooth, we’ve got some amaze news for you. We all love Indian sweets, right? But what if we tell you that you can now have your favourite Indian mithaai in the form of an ice cream? Well, it’s not a food fantasy, because this place in the city is actually making mithaai flavoured ice creams! Yes, Get Desserted in Delhi has some amazing and unique ice creams flavours which we are sure you’ll love. Scroll down to know more, peeps! 

Heaven For Dessert Lovers

We Dilliwalas are always up for a bite or two of our favourite moti chur ladoos. And when it takes the form of ice cream, our post-dinner meetha scenes are pretty much sorted! Get Desserted have definitely upped their ice cream game a notch with their delicious flavours. BTW, they also have a gulab jamun flavour! Udit Khaitan, the managing partner explained to us the reason why he thought these exotic flavours would be best suited in the Indian market-

“In India, people are very inclined towards Indian sweets. So I thought about mixing both and giving the icecreams the Indian touch. Surprisingly most of my experiments have been successful and we have launched a lot of Indian flavors besides moti chur, like paan, kesar thandai, gulab jamun etc”.

Drooling, are we? Get Desserted is a cute little dessert place located at Greater Kailash and Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. True to its name, it’s offering a wide range of desserts that cater to every taste-bud. Waffles, brownies, cupcakes, pancakes, sorbets, ice creams; they have it all!
You can take your pick from Banana Banoffee ice cream, Moti Chur icecream, Red Velvet ice cream, Paan shake, Brownie waffle, Red velvet Pancakes, and more! You can simply expect an amazing variety of desserts to end your sweet cravings at whatever time in the clock at night. Yes, it’s opened up till 4 AM!

Now that we have tempted you already with so many exotic ice cream flavours, which one is your pick?

Where: Property 2, Ground Floor, Road 81, Punjabi Bagh & M2, Main Road, Greater Kailash 1 (GK1)

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/getdesserted)


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