From Cute Planters to Minimalist Book Holders- Get Everything at These Brands to Make Your Desk a Cozy, Personal Space


Let’s admit it, we all spend a good chunk of our day at work. And a lot of us have desk jobs where we sit at the same table every day. So, it’s but natural to try and personalise your desk, and convert it into a cosy and comfortable nook for yourself, right? Be it photographs of your loved ones or tiny planters to make you feel positive- desk accessories can really uplift your mood and make you more productive & peaceful. So, to make your work environment a bit more relaxed and your desk pretty, we have curated a list of 10 desks accessories brands that will spruce up your work desk!

1. Nappa Dori

If you are someone who loves their office accessorizes to be neat, smart and clear then Nappa Dori is the store where you should head. Paperweights, keyholders, pencil rolls, notebooks, staplers, name it and you will find it here. This one is heaven for all the leather lovers out there. And if you are looking up to add a map to your workspace wall, then Nappa Dori has a fantastic collection of maps which are classy looking! 

2. Wonderland

Add a little nature to your desk, whether it is a plant or a bunch of flowers. It brings peace fullness in the office! And if you are not so confident about taking care of your plants, then you should stick to succulents or buy a faux plant. It brings good luck, positivity and overall great vibes. There’s no reason to skip this one at all! 

3. Shein

Working in the evenings will add up a lot of fun when you add a pretty lamp to light up your work desk. Their diamond-shaped table lamp is fancy and convenient at the same time. To perk things up, while demarcating your workspace, you can order Memo Pads and Pen Holders to jazz up your space. 

4. Type 7

Decorate the wall above your desk with quotes, art frame and picture frames that will help you to stay motivated towards your goals. While picking up the frame, don’t forget to colour coordinate it all to bring the entire space altogether. Their floral notepads, notebooks and planners are something which can’t be missed. So, go and add it your cart RN!

5. Engrave

Engrave is a store which all the stationery lover should check out for all the cute and essential stuff! To amp up your decor, add a stack of your favourite books at the corner of the desk. It is a great way to elevate your work desk. For all the kind of knicks and knacks that pile up your work area, opt for a board pin to your nearest wall, and you are sorted! 

6. Mango People 

Early morning coffee is something we swear by! Do you also? But have you ever thought if you accidentally spill your coffee across your desk? Hold it all together with Clip-on Desk Drink Holder from mango People. Apart from that, they have cute unicorn mugs, quotes mugs, shinny coffee mug with a lid. If you are into all sweet looking stuff, Mango People is where you need to head. 

7. Letter Note

All the stationery lover, Letternote, is precisely only for you guys. From spiral notebooks, desk frames, note cards, wall & laptop decals- it has all the stuff which can brighten up your work desk. Their art frames with quotes like- Makers Gonna Make; Enjoy Little Things in Life and many more are something that will instantly light up your work area.

8. Muji 

Are you someone who keeps their work desk minimal and straightforward? If yes, then Muji is your go-to-store for sure. With neat, simple and super useful stuff, their collection will instantly brighten up your day. From sticky memo, pen sets to paper binders, pen holders, notepads and more, they have everything in store for you!

9. Rosegold Stationery

For all the stylish and elegant stationery stuff, Rosegold is the store to rely on blindly! Planners, Notepads, Pens and Pencils is what you will find here. But do you know what is so special about their collection? It’s unique and fancy at the same time. It’s time to stock up your work desk!

10. Alicia Souza

Looking for 2020 calendar? Wall and desk calendar brightens up your office instantly. This kind of schedules can cheer you up even if you just found that it’s Wednesday.

(Featured Image Source: She Knows)


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